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RubberForm’s EZ Road Ramps are a long-lasting solution to a challenging road construction problem. Use only two times and they are paid for! Better yet, RubberForm’s EZ Road Ramps are safer for workers than temporary asphalt, because fewer workers are exposed to traffic and total exposure time is shorter. Deploy our EZ road Ramps for end-of-day joints or milled road work. Drivers will appreciate our smooth, uniform molding.

Here are more benefits: EZ Road Ramps reduce labor costs to install and remove ramps; eliminate heavy equipment, operator costs and materials required to install and remove asphalt ramps; and eliminate clean-up and disposal costs of used asphalt ramp material. Have steel plates at your road construction site? Choose EZR-26 for temporary steel
plate ramps.


  • American Masticated Recycled Rubber – EPDM and SBR
  • Both Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial Waste
  • Compression Molding
  • GreenSpec Listed
  • CSI Specs Available
  • 100% Recycled Content
  • Made In America


  • Molded from American recycled tire rubber – Masticated Recycled Rubber
  • Designed for easy installation and removal by one person
  • Each interlocking EZ-Road Ramp section weighs less than 55 pounds
  • 24 feet of EZ-Road Ramp can be installed by one person in 20 minutes
  • Reusable EZ-Road Ramps eliminate asphalt ramp material costs
  • Tax Payer Cost Savings – Time, materials and disposal expense


  • RF-EZR37
    • 42"L x 37"W x [.25" to 1.5" thick]
    • Used for end of day joints, milled road use for ez transiton
  • RF-EZR14
    • 42"L x 14"W x [.25" to 1.5" thick]
    • Can be added to the EZR-37 for additional width
  • RF-EZR26
    • 26"L x 37"W x [.25" to 1" thick]
    • Used for temporary steel plates
  • Optional Hardware - Rugged Structural Screws
    • RF-RSS3.84, 3/8" x 4"
    • RF-RSS3.86, 3/8" x 6"
    • RF-RSS3.88, 3/8" x 8"
    • RF-RSS3.810, 3/8" x 10"
    • RF-RSS3.812, 3/8" x 12"
    • RF-EZSB, Bit for drill

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EZ Road Ramps

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  RF-EZR26, 26"L x 37"W x (.25" to 1" thick)
  RF-EZR14, 42"L x 14"W x (.25" to 1.5" thick)
  RF-EZR37, 42"L x 37"W x (.25" to 1.5" thick)
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