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6 Good Ways to Not Recycle

July 2, 2020
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Recycling helps save the environment, creates jobs, saves money and helps us have a greater understanding of the limited resources we have on earth.

However; if you wanted to pollute the planet or waste money on disposable products, this blog’s for you.

Here are 6 good ways to not recycle.

Throw Old Batteries into the Creek

Rather than checking local government sources for how to properly dispose of old batteries or taking them to a local recycling center for proper disposal, you should throw them into the nearest waterway. If you do that, you’re bound to have some effects on the local ecosystem that could have some toxic effects, fun!

Hurl Recyclable Cardboard into Neighbor’s Yard

Many localities have a recycling service that will collect your separated recyclables like paper and aluminum products. However, if you wanted to contribute to the pollution problem, here’s an easy way to do it: toss that garbage right into your neighbor’s lawn! They probably recycle, why do it yourself?

Watch Old Vehicles Collect Rust

Ah, watching the ol’ ‘59 Ford succumb to rust really puts a mind at ease. Rather than donating the vehicle to Kidney Cars or any other reputable charitable organizations, push that clunker to a spot where you can see it from your breakfast nook to contemplate the meaning of life while your drink your morning coffee.

Create a 100-Foot Tall Rubber Tire Totem Pole

Tires don’t rust like your old truck, so put them to good use by creating a 100-foot tall totem pole. Paint scary animal faces on the tires and stack them to ward away evil spirits. If you dabble in the dark arts though and welcome such abominations, then you can recycle your tires by bringing them to a local recycling center.

Fill a Swimming Pool with Plastic Bottles

Have you ever had the sensation to jump into a pool full of used plastic bottles? Well wait no longer. Drain your pool and start drinking! Try getting some neighborhood kids to help and you’ll fill that pool in a few short months.

If you don’t have a pool, you could just bring the bottles to a recycling centre to be made into a variety of plastics products.

Build a Sentient AI from Old Electronics

Is world domination in your future? Do you have the skillset of an evil genius and a hunger for power to match? Great, now quickly, fetch all your old electronics, filled with rare earth metals, and toss them into a pile and feed it a tremendous amount of electricity.

If world domination isn’t in your cards, just bring your old computers to a local electronics recycling service. If there isn’t one in your area, contact a local scrap yard for any further recycling methods.