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The Rubberform Difference

American-Made, Sustainable Product Innovation, Exceptional Value

Understanding the RubberForm Difference – Recycled rubber products are neither created equal nor are a lot of them produced in the United States. In fact, most come from countries lacking the environmental, worker and consumer protections we have in America. The inevitable result is seemingly cheaper foreign imported products that hide some very unpleasant costs. Additionally, some imports have the advantage of subsidies from their governments. (Canadian recycled rubber products may be subsidized as much as 50 percent!) For U.S. manufacturers like RubberForm, the only viable market strategy is to produce superior, innovative products that deliver unrivaled long-term value.

Recycled rubber products from China come with a whole other set of challenges for American manufacturers. Deplorable working conditions and ridiculously low wages are common throughout that country—circumstances that are troubling to most North Americans. Yet we still find those companies’ products for sale here in the U.S. Many Chinese companies also have a very “flexible” attitude about appropriating others’ intellectual property (i.e. product design)—even that which is patented. And with Chinese-made products, the recycled rubber symbol can be very misleading. Just because a product is made from recycled rubber, that doesn’t mean it was made using green methodologies or “Green” raw materials. By contrast, we at RubberForm use sustainable, eco-industrial processes in manufacturing all our products!

When checking out a reseller’s catalog or website or your local pavement company, it’s not always easy to tell where the product was manufactured. If you run across a product made from recycled rubber that you want to know more about, please email Mr. Crumb and he’ll let you know where it came from. You can also check out Mr. Crumb’s FAQ to learn more about some of our most popular products.

Buy American and Support American Manufacturing

You may wonder if you should care if your recycled rubber products are Made in America. The truth is, you should. We Americans generate more than 325,000,000 tires annually. Many of these tires are burned. Just over a quarter of them are ground up for ground rubber applications like the durable, high-value products produced by RubberForm. Do your part to increase demand for recycled rubber products. It’s the sustainable choice for your project. And with RubberForm as your partner, you know you’re getting the best in American innovation, reputation and value. That’s the Rubberneering difference.

Here’s what happens to old tires:

RubberForm Recycled Products is a world-class manufacturer of innovative green products made from recycled scrap tire rubber and recycled plastic. Our materials are sourced from U.S. recycled materials & manufactured by American workers in the USA.