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Logic Packaging

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The situation

Logic Packaging, a comprehensive engineering consultant group needed to secure pump housing so they wouldn’t get scratched and damaged during transportation.
Location: Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Client: Logic Packaging
Products Used: Extruded Ribbed Wedge and Fabricated Rubber Mat
Application: Industrial

The Problem

Pump housings were being damaged when transported in shipping containers from one plant operations to another. The damage was not from the pumps hitting the walls of the container, but rather from the pumps hitting each other – even with cardboard sheets separating them. We needed to prevent the pumps from rolling with a kind of “wheel chock” strip of rubber material.

Rubberform Innovation

RubberForm worked with the plant manager and packing team to develop a rubber mat and wedge holder for their pumps.

The outcome

Prototypes built by RubberForm turned into a custom product. 4” EPDM Extruded Ribbed Wedge Chocks were screwed into a Crumb Rubber Mat and built in various widths to hold pumps securely in open shipping containers during plant to plant movement.