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RubberForm FAQs

Mr. Crumb is RubberForm’s spokesperson and resident recycled rubber expert. Mr. Crumb has years of recycled products manufacturing experience and continues to learn daily. Mr. Crumb is a great listener and will come up with a solution for you. He has a network of industry experts that he can call upon for you, if RubberForm can provide a solution Mr. Crumb will provide direction for your project.

Who really did invent making products out of recycled scrap tire rubber? Mr. Crumb did. He and his team of professionals are innovating daily at RubberForm. The next generation of recycled rubber and plastic products and technologies are being developed right now at RubberForm.

If Mr. Crumb did not answer your exact question, please send him an email ( or use our quickly online messaging form.

Mr. Crumb and our RubberForm team thanks you for supporting American made recycled rubber and plastic products and supporting our U.S. economy. Please do your part to support U.S. manufacturing and do recycle. It does matter what you put in your blue curbside box, so please fill it up with your recyclables; Mr. Crumb and the entire RubberForm team is doing the same thing!

RubberForm Recycled Products is a world-class manufacturer of innovative green products made from recycled scrap tire rubber and recycled plastic. Our materials are sourced from U.S. recycled materials & manufactured by American workers in the USA.