Frequently Asked Questions

Pipe / Hose Ramps

Q: What is the largest pipe or hose you can fit into your 2” pipe ramp? +
Our 2” pipe ramp is designed to hold up to a Schedule 40 pipe, 2 ⅜” OD, however you could fit a 3” OD hose/pipe.
Q: What is the largest pipe or hose you can put in the 4” pipe ramps? +
Our pipe ramp was engineered for the Yelomine™ and Aquamine® pipes, however our pipe ramp can fit up to a 5” pipe or hose.
Q: Do the 2” or the 4” pipe ramps need to be anchored down? +
That depends on the application and your requirement. Generally they do not, just lay down and place your pipe or hose into the open slot. Our 2” pipe ramp weighs 36 pounds and our 4” pipe ramp set (2 ramps and our interconnector) weigh a total of 84 pounds each and are generally stabilized by the inserted pipe. If they need to be anchored in place, we recommend the GRK’s RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw.
Q: Do they connect together side-by-side? +
No there is no connector piece. They lay side-by-side.
Q: How many pounds of pressure can these pipe ramps withstand? Can a dump truck drive over your pipe ramps? +
Our pipe ramps are extruded with EDPM rubber and are construction rated. They have been tested and used daily with large construction vehicles and large emergency vehicles.
Q: Will your pipe ramps support the inserted pipe or hose? +
No, the pipe or hose will need to be strong enough to hold the weight. Our ramps will disburse and hold the pipe in place as the vehicle rolls over the ramp and inserted pipe. Please see RubberForm’s YouTube channel for different vehicle demonstrations.
Q: Your 4” pipe ramp set is shown as a 3 piece unit. What are the pieces? +
Our 4” pipe ramp system consists of 2 ramps and one ramp interconnector piece that hold the 2 ramps together when the pipe or hose is inserted. The total weight of this ramp set is 84 pounds. The ramp pieces stay below the OSHA standard weight regulation for one man. These pieces easily fit together on-site and are ready for use in minutes.
Q: What is the standard length of your 2” and 4” pipe ramps? +
We extrude both the 2” and 4” pipe ramps in 36” (3’) sections. We can custom extrude up to 10’ if needed.
Q: Why don’t I just use gravel and asphalt to cover the pipe during a waterline restoration project? +
If your project is in a mandated prevailing rate area, the first time you use our pipe ramps they will be paid for. Please email RubberForm ( for our cost-justification spreadsheet so you can convince your municipality or your team to use the RubberForm pipe ramp system.
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