Frequently Asked Questions

Rooftop Pavers

Q: What sizes do your rubber roof and patio pavers come in? +
RubberForm offers roof pavers that are 24” x 30” (5 sq. ft.) available in 1.5” and 2” thick with stand-offs so water will drain underneath.
Q: What colors do your roof pavers come in? +
Our most common colors are gray, red and black.
Q: I see a lot of rubber pavers and playground molded rubber tiles, what makes yours different? +
RubberForm’s roof paver is made specifically for the roof, and molded where there is no porosity in the rubber for water or the elements to infiltrate.
Q: How do you handle drainage so water will drain off the roof? +
RubberForm molds in 3/8” stand-offs on the bottom of the rubber.
Q: Are your rubber pavers flexible and soft? +
No. We mold them in 2 formulations - all rubber and with plastic eWaste. The eWaste makes them hard and concrete, a unique RubberForm development. We can also mold with 100% recycled tire rubber. Request a sample to see the RubberForm difference for yourself!
Q: How much does your 20” x 30” x 2” thick, 5 sq. ft. paver weight? +
10 pounds per square foot. Concrete is 25 pounds per square foot.
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