Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Bases

Q: How much do your sign bases weigh? +
72 pounds, with a low center of gravity. We also have a 65 pound base.
Q: I’m in a high-wind area and I need a heavier sign base. Do you have a base that weighs more than 72 pounds? +
Yes, we have an add-on sign base weight that will add 75 pounds to our sign base, for a total of more than 145 pounds. It also creates a wider base, making it less likely to tip.
Q: Does your sign base come in colors? +
We manufacture an all-black sign base and a designer series sign base with gray/white speckles to mimic the look of concrete. They are offered at the same price. We also offer a safety yellow plastic cover that snaps on top of the sign base for higher visibility. The covers can be ordered in custom colors, but require a minimum order.
Q: What size signposts does your sign base support? Can I use round, square or C channel posts? +
We have 3 post hole sizes. They can be ordered with a square hole to accommodate a 1 ¾” square perforated or smooth post with drilled holes. The square hole will accommodate a C channel post. We can also custom-fabricate square tubes to any configuration. We also have sign bases with a round hole to accommodate a 2 ⅜“ standard plastic or aluminum post and a 1 ⅔” round post. The round plastic 2 ⅜“ post is our most-used sign base. Custom sized posts are available upon request.
Q: What post height do you recommend for your 72 pound sign base? +
We generally recommend a 5’ post for our sign bases. This cuts down on the wind shear that might tip the sign base over in higher wind areas. If you require a taller post, please order our 75 pound sign base weight that attaches to the bottom of our 72 pound sign base; this sign base weight will enable you to go to the MUCTD height of 7’ to 8’, use a metal post for this application. Please check with your local sign ordinances for the regulations/code.
Q: How do I lift or move your sign base? +
You can either tip-and-roll into position, or if you need an easier way to move around, we offer a sign base mover cart for longer distances. Just slip the RubberForm sign base cart underneath the sign base, tip it back with one hand, and use the wheels to roll to a new location.
Q: What is the minimum quantity I can order? +
Just one sign base. We can ship out via UPS or FedEx ground to any location or up to 15 bases per pallet via common carrier – LTL.
Q: What is the turnaround time to ship your sign base? +
Our sign base are generally in stock and can be shipped out the following business day. Larger orders (greater than 100) may take a little longer.
Q: How many sign bases fit on a pallet? +
We can ship up to 15 bases per pallet via common carrier – LTL.
Q: Why is the RubberForm sign base better than the octagonal sign bases I’ve seen other places? +
Most of these sign bases are imported, from China and Quebec (Canada subsidizes their tire recycling program as much as 50%). Our sign base is made in our plant in New York. We’ve had these octagonal sign bases tested by sign companies, and they told us the RubberForm sign base is much more stable in high winds. They did a side by side comparison test and ours won. The center of gravity is 1.5” in the center of our base - engineered for excellence.
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