Frequently Asked Questions

Speed Bumps / Humps

Q: What style speed bumps and speed humps do you manufacture? +
We offer our MLSB Mini speed hump that is 1 ⅞” tall, which will slow traffic to around 20 mph. Our MLSB 2.5 speed bump is 2 ½” tall, which will slow traffic to 5 to 10 mph. The most aggressive speed bump on the market is our MLSB4. This 4” tall speed bump will slow traffic to about 2 to 5 mph, and most of time to a complete stop. You will need to make sure you have appropriate ground clearance for this speed bump.
Q: How are your speed bumps and humps anchored down? +
We offer a lag bolt mounting system consisting of a lag bolt, shield, and washer to anchor into pavement or concrete. There are 4 anchor holes in each speed bump. For temporary situations, you can just lay them down or moor them in place with our GRK’s RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw.
Q: Can your speed bumps and humps be installed on a gravel road? +
Yes, with a 24” rebar spike or gravel screw can be purchased from RubberForm. These rebar spikes and gravel screws will need to be checked periodically to make sure they have not crept up and created a hazard. We have another mounting methodology for gravel and dirt road, please email for more details.
Q: What is the reflective material on your speed bumps and speed humps? +
RubberForm uses AASHTO approved yellow reflectors, 2 on our RF-MLSB2.5 and 6 on our RF-Mini-Hump. On our RF-MLSB4, we use a special-formulated safety yellow paint with reflective glass beads. We’ve found this to be a far more durable solution than the fabric road tape that many other manufacturers use. If our reflector breaks, they can easily be replaced.
Q: Are these speed bumps removable, i.e., can they be moved to a new location or taken up for winter plow season? +
Yes, if you need to remove them for the winter, just unbolt or unscrew the bolts/screws and store for the season. Seal the holes with Eco-Bond so dirt or rocks do not get lodged.
Q: How long are your speed bump/speed hump sections? +
Our line of RF-MLSB traffic calming speed bumps/speed humps come in 36” long pieces that connect with a dovetail, allowing you to create the length you need.
Q: What is the rubber material your speed bumps and speed humps are made of? +
We have custom-formulated the right material for hard traffic over many years of use. We use masticated recycled rubber, which is harder and more durable than virgin clay-filled rubber or crumb rubber and poly compounds.
Q: What is the turnaround time for your speed bumps and speed humps? +
Our speed bumps and speed humps are generally in stock and can be shipped out the following day. Larger orders (greater than 100 units) may take a little longer - please provide us enough time to manufacture and let us know when you will need delivery.
Q: Are your speed bumps and humps truly made in the U.S.A.? +
RubberForm is one of the only true U.S. manufacturers of rubber speed bumps/humps. They are made from domestically-sourced materials, manufactured and assembled in the U.S. We believe that this is the only way to maintain our high standards of quality control.
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