Frequently Asked Questions

Spill Containment

Q: What size of spill containment berm/dikes do you offer? +
We offer 5 sizes of spill berm and spill dikes and two different rubber materials, with other rubber material available upon request. Our extruded EDPM rubber spill berms come in 2” x 2”, 4” x 4”, 6” x 6” and a 2” high drive over berm, these are all extruded in 10’ lengths. They are in a pyramid, peaked shape. Our molded crumb rubber product (SBR rubber) is 4” tall x 6” wide x 65” long. This is our most economical product and comes pre-drilled, ready for installation.
Q: Do you offer custom fabrication services - cutting and drilling - or will I have to do it myself? +
RubberForm has a custom fabrication services – cutting and drilling - department that can custom fab per your specification drawing for your spill containment project. There is a charge for this custom fabrication service. Email your specs to to access these services.
Q: Can I cut your rubber berm and fabricate myself? +
Yes, with the proper tools you can cut and fabricate on-site. You will need a radial arm or chop saw with the proper saw blade. We offer an installation guide so you can fabricate and install on-location. You can download it here
Q: Which spill berm is best for me? +
The EPA/DEC have guidelines for this SPCC – Spill Containment Counter Measure requirement. Based on the SPCC requirement, you need to contain 110% of the stored liquids on premise. We have a spreadsheet that provides a rough estimate of the height and size containment berm you will need. Please consult with your licensed engineer/P.E. for certification and full requirements.
Q: What type of liquid will your rubber spill berms contain? +
RubberForm uses EPDM and SBR rubber for our spill berm. Please review the Rubber Elastomer Chemical Resistance Charts to determine if the rubber compound will work (Chart 1, Chart 2). Consult with your P.E. or engineer to verify.
Q: How many bolts do you recommend for the spill containment berm? +
We recommend bolting down every 1 ½’ to 2’. Our rubber berm needs to be sealed/caulked/glued down as well. However please consult with your P.E. and engineer for your specific project requirements.
Q: Do we need to bolt and glue our berm down? +
Definitely glue/seal/caulk your berm down. This creates the seal for the spill berm. Not all surfaces are level and the glue/sealer/caulk should fill in the holes or gaps on the surface. We also recommend bolting down in place, however this is up to the customer and your P.E./engineer’s recommendation. If it is in a high traffic area, we highly recommend bolting and sealing/caulking/adhering in place.
Q: How tall of a spill berm do I need? +
According to the rules governed by the EPA’s SPCC, your spill containment berm needs to hold more than 110% of the total liquid stored on your location. You would need to engineer the volume of liquid that fits into the square foot area you have to work with. If you need help, please give one of our specialists a call. For a rough estimate of the height and containment berm needed, use our spreadsheet.
Q: I need to drive in and out of the containment area. Do you offer a ramp solution for a drive-in containment area? +
Yes. We have a couple different solutions for this scenario. We have a drive-over ramp that can be attached to our 4” and 6” spill berm, or a modified 2.5” high speed bump. We’d be glad to help you with this over a quick phone call!
Q: What is the turnaround time for these berms? +
Depending on the spill berm type and size and the amount of fabrication we will be doing, this can range from 1 week to 3 weeks. Please email us your drawing so we can quote and provide a better timeframe for delivery.
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