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Outfit your School with Parking Lot & Road Safety Equipment

July 2, 2020
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With school back in full swing, it is critical that school address the safety of their students, staff and parents picking up their children within their parking lots. These lots are often a hectic and stressful area where people and cars mix which can become a recipe for disaster if it is not properly outfitted with road safety equipment and proper signage.

Green technology is very important in today’s society to protect our environment and reuse our natural resources. School need to incorporate these type products into their everyday routines to teach their young students the importance of utilizing recycled material products. Parking lot safety equipment such as the Parking and Road Safety line from RubberForm is the ideal solution to protect your students, faculty, parents, visitors and of course the environment as well as those who navigate your parking lot. The products from RubberForm made of recycled rubbers offer an environmentally friendly alternative that will last long, serve and protect as well if not better than their standard counterparts such as concrete.

Safety equipment utilized correctly can not only increase parking lot safety but improve flow and reduce pick up times. Portable signs and recycled rubber bases are an ideal solution to mark designated pick-up areas, caution drivers of pedestrians and post speed limits within the parking lot. Highly visible wheel stops ensure drivers do not drive into unauthorized areas or onto walkways. Speed bumps are critical to ensuring driving are aware they are to drive slowly. Delineator curb systems are the perfect solution to channel traffic as well as separate area of the parking lot and easily collapse when not in use.

If you would like more information on which products are available and are right for your parking lot, please contact us.