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Recycled material products are mostly used for industrial applications. RubberForm has been working very hard to engineer products for use within the Hospitality Industry. With products such as Solid Surface Table Tops, Patio Paver Tiles, Umbrella & Table Bases, Playground Mulch and No Mow Weeds, you’ll find the right solution for your day-to-day needs. Let our attitude reassure you: If we wouldn’t use these products at our house why would you? Count on RubberForm for consumer products made from recycled materials to the highest standards.

paver tiles

Rubber Patio Paver Tiles

RubberForm Recycled Rubber Patio Paver Tiles are the safe, durable and long-lasting alternative to concrete or stone paving blocks. Ideal for large, high-traffic areas or ornate garden pathways as well as for Rooftop walkways or Rooftop patios.

100% Recycled Rubber

Our patio blocks are made of 100% heavy-duty recycled tire rubber and recycled plastic e-Waste, providing excellent resistance to severe wind/weather, as well as damaging UV rays. Traction is superb, even when wet. The soft, pliable material makes them an anti-fatigue surface with excellent impact and sound absorption qualities. They are also safer for the young and old – with no hard surfaces to fall on.

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Umbrella Base

Umbrella Bases

Too often, we found a five star resort’s pool deck to be plush and perfectly maintained except for rust stains from decomposing umbrella bases. We would be enjoying a wonderful lunch at an outdoor café only to be detracted by an old rust bucket of an umbrella base under the table. When we visited festivals and events, we would find makeshift umbrella stands with sandbags holding them down.

This weighted umbrella stand is custom made to match the mood of your business. You can choose from one of our popular designs or create a one-of-a-kind piece made just for your company. The superior quality of our bases provides our corporate customers a long term solution, and our modular design allows it to be changed or upgraded without ever needing to be replaced. Lead times will vary depending on the top plate design. Our standard color foam tops and diamond plate tops offer quick turn arounds while custom stone or screen printing requires a longer lead time.

banner base

Banner Bases

RubberForm’s weighted Banner Base System can be configured for any type of event or function. Our Banner Base System can hold all types of signage, banners, Start/Finish lines, event marketing, billboard displays, and any place where you need to hold a signage and banners. RubberForm’s Banner Base System is ideal for use at exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, promotional advertising, finish line banner display and outdoor events or anywhere else where you need to get your marketing message across with using display graphics. Creating a finish line display tower, you can display your event title banner and sponsor banners on both sides for maximum exposure.

RubberForm has developed a complete sign – banner system using our patent pending sign base with galvanized 1.25″ OD tubing and a large selection of tubular fittings, all available from RubberForm. Our system is very easy to transport, assemble, dismantle and store. See our photo tab for the various tubular fittings and configuration ideas. Call, email or fax us with your ideas, we will configure a banner base solution for you.

RF-BB75238, RF-BB75166, RF-BB75175
Circular Disc

No Mow Weeds Circular Disc

RubberForm’s recycled rubber environmentally made weed preventer is easily installed. No-Mow-Weeds virtually eliminates the need for any trimming, mowing, or weeding around or nearby landscaping obstacles. No need for harsh liquid chemicals that could harm the environment and water table. Our No-Mow-Weed system can be customized for any weed prevention application including: fence posts, sign posts, mailboxes, light poles, guard rails, fence-lines, planters, garden beds, and more. Our No-Mow-Weed control products are designed to help the home owners, governmental agencies, municipalities, road departments, airports, parks, commercial real estate and private businesses to drastically reduce the use of harsh chemicals, energy and labor costs.

bench bases

Bench Bases

Need a place to sit that’s durable, good looking and fine for the environment? RubberForm’s Bench Bases are the answer!

Our Bench Bases are made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber and recycled plastic. Use them anywhere portable or a semi-permanent seating solution is needed!

Table Tops

Solid Surface Table Tops

RubberForm is proud to offer Solid Surface Table Tops that we make right here in America. These table tops are in use at national and regional restaurant chains, theme parks, Fortune 500 companies, airports, universities and locations where a high quality and extremely durable surface is required. Like RubberForm’s other products, we make these table tops with recycled materials to help our environment. We use a unique process of grinding and sifting waste solid surface material that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. We combine the recycled scrap material with acrylic and put into a compression molding process to form table tops and sheet goods.

These Solid Surface Table Tops are useful indoors or outdoors and unlike other table tops, they will not stain, chip, crack, break or rust. The solid surface material is nonporous which makes it maintenance free material.  These products are durable and look as wonderful as the first day they are used. Our product is perfect to be used as Replacement Table Tops, just pair up with your existing base and chairs. There is a minimum order quantity of 4 tables due to the way these table tops are manufactured.

When paired up with RubberForm’s Umbrella & Table Base, it creates a uniquely beautiful combination of form and function being made right here in America.


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