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RubberForm durability
RubberForm Price

Solar Mounting Pads

A solar panel mounting solution that meets your sustainability needs. Made of 100% recycled materials.

  • ⅛” to ½” thick
  • Up to 48” wide
  • Custom molds available for larger or smaller sizes
  • Recycled rubber and plastic
  • 100% American Recycled Scrap Tire Crumb Rubber – SBR with Polyurethane Binder
  • 100% Made in U.S.A. – complies with ARRA 2009 and Buy America Acts

Product Description

RubberForm’s Solar Mounting Pads are custom molded roof mounts for the solar industry. We uses recycled rubber molded sheet material from 1/8” up to ½” thick, and special orders for thicker material. The rubber sheets can be custom die-cut to any size needed from very small to large configuration (48” wide to very long lengths). Our material has been designed be compatible with many commercial rooftop membranes.

We can custom mold any size rubber mount pad for your solar roof mount. A custom molded mount can reduce installation costs while reducing the weight on the roof structure and our recycled rubber base protects the roof surface without the need for a slip sheet. RubberForm’s roof Mount Pads is light weight yet durable due to the unique combination of materials; which significantly reduces labor and installation time.

Additional benefits of RubberForm’s molded recycled rubber products include its cost effectiveness, UV stable properties and durability. We can custom mold or we can customize our rubber solar mounting pads to your application needs.

Rooftop solar panels are becoming more and more popular as an eco-friendly, cost-effective power solution. RubberForm has engineered molded rubber solar mounts that meet the sustainability needs of the solar industry. Our solar mounting pads are made from 100% recycled materials and compression molded for long-lasting durability. These lightweight mounts reduce installation costs while protecting your roof surface.


Key Features

100% Recycled Materials

Manufactured with only post-consumer or post-industrial materials.

UV Resistant - All Weather!

All-weather product - won’t crack, crumble or rust!

Made in the USA

Feel good about buying products manufactured in the US and from US materials.

BuildingGreen Listed

Achieve your sustainability goals with LEED points.