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Construction – Wheel Chocks

RubberForm has worked with road safety and construction experts to engineer superior products to save money for tax payers and commercial builders. These RubberForm products include Pipe and Hose Ramps, Rubber Curbs, Manhole Cover Risers, EZ Road Ramps, Curb Ramps & Wheel Chocks so that your crews will save valuable time and be as efficient and safe during construction.

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Wheel Chocks

The RubberForm Wheel Chock is a lightweight, easy-to-move product designed for maximum holding ability with a wide range of tire sizes. Keeps wheels secure from rolling when parked or during transport. Ideal for use with automobiles, trailers, recreational vehicles, compact construction equipment and small aircraft.

Features a very high friction coefficient for no-slip performance on most surfaces, including concrete, asphalt and gravel. Ribbed design engineered for downward pressure, allowing the wheel chock to lock in place. Engineered for maximum hold, this wheel chock has a grasp on load security. Pyramid Wheel Chocks are OSHA and DOT approved to ensure your trailer will not roll while parked.

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