What is the lifespan of your Trackout Control Mats?

RubberForm has a 5-year warranty on the track-out blocks. Should any of the blocks break from vehicles driving over the mat, email your sales rep pictures of the broken blocks, and RubberForm will send you new blocks to swap out.

How do I install the mat?

RubberForm’s track-out control mats are pre-assembled and arrive to the jobsite folded like an accordion. Use a forklift or loader to lift the mat off the pallet and lay the mat down wherever your desired stabilized construction entrance/exit needs to be.

Do I need to anchor the mat down?

No. RubberForm has a variety of track-out mat sizes that weigh anywhere from 730-pounds to 1200-pounds. The extreme weight of our mats helps ensure that the mat will not slide or move around.

How do I connect multiple mats together?

You do not need to. Again, the weight RubberForm’s various track-out mat sizes helps keep the mats in place. Simply lay one mat in front of the other, or side-by-side depending on the necessary track-out pad dimensions for the project. For peace of mind, contractors will wrap chains on the mats or u-locks, but this is not necessary.

How do I maintain the mat?

Simply lift the mat up with your forklift or loader, give it a shake, and lay it back down. There is no bottom to RubberForm’s track-out control mat. The gaps in-between each track-out block traps the sediment that falls from the construction vehicle ensuring that the mat will never clog up.

Do I need to make sure the surface is level?

No. RubberForm’s track-out control mat conforms to whatever surface contractors are working with. Whether it be an uneven dirt or rock road or even a concrete or asphalt pad, RubberForm’s mats do not need any pre-installation work whatsoever. Simply set the mat down and forget it.

Are your trackout mats reusable?

Yes. At RubberForm, we pride ourselves on durability. Our track-out control mats are built to last and perform at a consistently high level. At the end of your project, simply fold the mat back up for the next job site or for easy storage.