5 Qualities to Look For in a Speed Cushion Supplier

Mar 7, 2024 | News

Speeding can cause devastating accidents. That’s why speed cushions are a vital tool for reducing the speed of regular and wide vehicles in certain areas, like emergency response routes. As a result, emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances won’t have obstructions for passage. Here are qualities to look for in a speed cushion supplier

1. Quality

According to Zippia, as of January 2023, the American construction spending was at $1.823 trillion. Of course, their spending may go on using the right speed cushion, materials, and labor that can install and handle them. Speed cushions must be able to hold up under several types of vehicles, particularly large emergency vehicles. They’re often made from materials like recycled rubber. Choose a company with a reputation for supplying speed materials that can be effective, safe, and have an extensive lifespan.

2. Support

Your speed cushion supplier should offer professional support from start to finish. They should provide adequate guidance during the installation process and ongoing maintenance. With the right support, you’ll have enhanced safety, especially when the supplier can answer any questions if there are any problems afterward.

3. Reputation

Does the supplier have a good reputation? The best way to check is by asking for a few referrals from other clients. You can also quickly check customer reviews and see what they say about the quality of the materials and installation process. Sites like Trustpilot or Consumer Reviews may be helpful.

4. Customization

Why is customization important? You may have different street or road requirements. Maybe you need a speed cushion near an emergency site like a hospital or an unleveled area. You’ll need the right speed cushion that can fit special dimensions. After all, standard dimensions may not fit the area you need to place a speed cushion in.

5. Fair Pricing

As with any other service or product, you want to ensure you get fair pricing. You can always compare different suppliers by gathering at least three quotes. Consider the cost of the installation, the type of materials used, what reviews have said, etc.

Now you understand why finding the right speed cushion supplier is essential. It can help ensure emergency vehicles don’t have any obstructions, while regular vehicles can slow down as needed. Therefore, you need a quality product with the right support. To find out more about our road products, contact us for a consultation.