RubberForm. Your trusted provider of guaranteed American-made, eco-friendly recycled rubber & recycled plastic products.

RubberForm is committed to American workers, utilizing your used scrap tires as well as what you put in your blue recycling bin and furthering the scrap tire recycling industry in America for the manufacture of our eco-friendly, green products. At a time when many of our competitors are importing so-called recycled rubber and plastic products from subsidized countries/provinces or from China RubberForm is committed to utilizing an abundant waste, scrap tires into practical green products. Some of RubberForm’s competitors are moving their manufacturing operations overseas or elected to import foreign made products at the expense of American jobs, profits and our environment. RubberForm has invested millions of dollars and years of research and development to reinvent how we use the massive amounts of scrap tires generated in the U.S. and recycled plastics to manufacturer one of a kind product for safety applications, risk mitigation and job-site compliance. In doing this, it preserved well-paying American jobs, utilizing a scrap material that is tough to recycle and the future of our American environment.

RubberForm employs U.S. workers who safely and sustainable manufacture 100% recycled material products from our plant in Lockport, New York, a suburb nearby Buffalo and Niagara Falls New York. Our products are used by America’s foremost corporations, contractors, safety companies, and resold by committed resellers.

When a public project is funded, U.S. taxpayer dollars should not be used to reward those companies or resellers who import or have moved their operations, investment dollars, and jobs to foreign countries. Nor should they be used to purchase green products for LEED Certified buildings that completely disregard environmental and worker and workplace safety regulations. Rather, taxpayer-financed federal aid programs – particularly those administered by the federal agency charged with protecting the environment – should give a commonsense preference for American manufactured products in infrastructure and other tax payer funded projects. Such preferences ensure that companies and workers who play by the rules can compete on a more even playing field to supply these taxpayer-financed infrastructure projects.

Buying RubberForm’s American made recycled products means we are using your used tires, your recycled plastic and reinvesting in the U.S. economy and with U.S. taxpayers, where our tax dollars goes to Washington and not to foreign Capitals. Buying American means preserving and creating jobs here in the United States. Buying American is good public and private policy and simply the right thing to do.

If you have specific questions on a recycled material product, a U.S, reseller selling recycled product and where they are made, or can’t find the information you’re seeking, we encourage you to contact us.