The Situation

The G.R. Birdwell Construction company in Texas required a heavy-duty Drive-Over Spill Containment Berm system (Secondary Containment Berm) for a new bulk liquid container facility that was taller than our current 2” Berm Bump. They also wanted a 4” high berm to contain the waste water in the same area.

  • location: Texas
  • client: G.R. Birdwell Construction
  • products used: 3" High Drive-Over Spill Containment Berm
  • application: Industrial

The Problem

The engineers at G.R. Birdwell Construction required an easily installed drive-over berm system that was taller than 2”, more durable than foam filled berms or temporary short-term berm solutions and much easier to install than concrete.

RubberForm's Innovation

RubberForm worked with the Engineers at the G.R. Birdwell Construction and proposed a 3” high drive-over Spill Containment Berm along with our 4” high, chemical resistant EPDM solid rubber Secondary Containment Berm. RubberForm modified it’s 4” Speed Bump to a 3” tall solid molded, durable Spill Berm. This gave RubberForm 2 new solutions: a 3” high Drive-Over Containment Berm and a 3” high Speed Bump to be added to RubberForm’s American-made recycled material product offerings.

The Outcome

A successful installation by G.R. Birdwell Construction where they installed our modified 4” Speed Bump to a 3” tall drive-over spill containment berm for heavy axles tow motors and other heavy trucks. G.R. Birdwell along with their bulk container customer are very pleased with the outcome – it’s been so successful that G.R. Birdwell has installed it numerous times.

100% Recycled Rubber and Plastic
Patented Design Ensures Our Products Last a Lifetime
Resistant to Extreme UV and Weather Conditions
Made in USA
Made In The USA from US Materials
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