Frequently Asked Questions

Wheel Stops

Q: What colors do your wheel stops come in? +
We offer polygons in yellow, white, blue (for handicapped parking), red (emergency vehicles), and green (hybrid and eco-friendly cars). Custom colors are available and require a minimum order.
Q: Can I mix and match the colors on the same order? +
Yes, any combination of available colors can be ordered for the same price (except custom colors).
Q: What is the minimum wheel stop order? +
We have no minimums; our RubberForm team is very flexible! We ship via common carrier (LTL), and for smaller quantities we can ship via UPS and FedEx Ground.
Q: How do I moor/mount the wheel stops and what kind of mounting hardware do I need? +
Generally, we recommend 14” rebar for installation into asphalt, and our lag bolt hardware set (lag bolt, shield and washer) for concrete installation. If you have the time and tools to install, using the lag bolt hardware set is the best way to mount/moor the wheel stops at a similar cost to the rebar spikes. We also have Eco-Bond adhesive for applications that don’t allow you to breach the surface for installation, such as reinforced concrete or parking decks.
Q: How many lag bolts/rebar do I need? +
Each RubberForm wheel stop has 5 mounting holes. We recommend using all 5 holes to mount for optimal installation. You can use a minimum of 4 spikes/lags, however we advise that you use the two outside holes and leave the center open, this is where the tire makes contact with the wheel stop. If you choose to leave the center hole open, it can be used for a marker flag for snow plows in the winter.
Q: Will your wheel stops warp in the heat or crack in the cold? +
No, not if they are installed properly Our wheel stops are made of recycled tire rubber and, just as your tires, they don’t warp or crack. Proper installation is needed so they adhere to the ground.
Q: What are your polygons made of? +
RubberForm uses a recycled plastic polygon molded directly onto the rubber surface. This means that our polygons will not deteriorate, flake or peel-off. They should last the product lifetime of the wheel stop.
Q: Does RubberForm offer a warranty on its wheel stop? +
RubberForm stands behind our products and offers a product lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects. Under normal use, the RubberForm wheel stop should last for decades.
Q: What is the turnaround time for your wheel stops? +
Our parking lot wheel stops are generally a stock item that can be shipped the next business day from receipt of your order. Quantities over 1,000 may take additional time.
Q: How many wheel stops fit on a pallet? +
We can ship up to 56 on a heavy pallet.
Q: Are your wheel stops truly made in the U.S.A.? +
RubberForm is one of the only true U.S. manufacturers of rubber wheel stops. They are made from domestically-sourced materials, manufactured and assembled in the U.S. We believe that this is the only way to maintain our high standards of quality control.
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