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Green Resources

RubberForm Knows What it Means to Be Green

RubberForm Recycled Products is a U.S. manufacturer of innovative, superior-quality, environmentally friendly products. When you buy the RubberForm brand, you’re keeping scrap tire rubber and waste plastics out of American landfills and incinerators, while making a quality investment in safety, risk mitigation and compliance products.

Recycling Scrap Tires In America

RubberForm doesn’t buy, recycle, or take scrap/used tires directly from consumers at our plants; instead, we buy our rubber from scrap tire processors that turn your used tires into our raw material called “Crumb” ground rubber. Use the map on the EPA website to find out how these processors operate and where you can recycle your tires according to the legislation in your state. You may also wish to review the EPA’s Quick Reference Guide to State Scrap Tire Programs (PDF).

Mr. Crumb receives many calls about recycling scrap tire and whether RubberForm recycles used scrap tires at our facility. The shortest answer is no. RubberForm does not buy, recycle, or take scrap/used tires; we do buy our rubber from scrap tire processors who’ve already turned used, scrap tires into our raw material called “Crumb” rubber.

For your convenience, Mr. Crumb has linked the RubberForm website to the EPA’s website to highlight the scrap tire programs for the 50 states. Each state makes its own scrap tire laws, fees to recycle and regulations. These laws typically set the stage for rules for scrap tire storage, collection, processing, and use. States also establish programs to clean up old scrap tire stockpiles, and the funding needed to accomplish that goal.