How to Make Construction Site Entrances Safe

Jan 2, 2024 | News

While many construction companies go far out of their way to make construction sites safe, dangers persist. The good news is that innovative companies continue to roll out safety solutions. With the right setup, you can make construction site entrances much safer. Solutions like trackout control mats, clear signage, and access control can prevent serious incidents. Let’s take a closer look at how a construction entrance can be made safer.

Implement Control Access

It’s crucial to set up adequate access control to any construction site. If civilians accidentally wander onto a site, it could cause a lot of problems and result in someone getting hurt. Clear signage, gates, and other solutions can reduce the risk of the wrong parties ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Use Trackout Control Mats

One of the biggest risks for vehicles entering and leaving construction sites is that they’ll be covered in dirt and other materials. Dirt can reduce traction, making vehicles harder to control, among other things. With trackout control mats, you can safely knock crude off of tires and other parts of vehicles. This can reduce the risk of accidents and other problems. Trackout mats can also reduce messes outside of the construction site, which may help with community relations.

Install Cameras

It’s a good idea to monitor the entire construction site with cameras. This way, should an accident or other event occur, you’ll be able to figure out what happened. Further, when employees, civilians, contractors, and others know that cameras are monitoring activity, they often put increased emphasis on safety. It’s a good idea to set up signs to let people know they are being monitored, and at least a few cameras should be highly visible. Entrances and exits especially should be closely monitored.

Provide Lots of Training

At the end of the day, the best construction entrance infrastructure and safety tools will only go so far without proper safety training. It’s smart to hold regular training workshops to encourage employees and contractors to emphasize safety, including when entering and exiting the work site. In these workshops, you can explain the importance of safety equipment, like trackout control mats, and how they improve safety.

According to Zippia, as of the beginning of 2023, U.S. construction spending in the US topped $1.8 trillion in value. Much of the funds are spent on safety. Need more help making your construction entrance safe? Looking for solutions like trackout control mats? Feel free to contact us at Rubberform today.