Old discarded tires have long been recognized as a threat to the environment and public health. They are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, rats, and other pests; they never

They decompose; they can catch fire and burn for days: “Significant air pollution results from the incomplete combustion of the tires creating a thick, black, foul-smelling smoke. Additionally, as many of the tires melt and partially burn, an oily discharge usually occurs that can flow into nearby streams, ditches and waterways or can seep into the ground water.”

The fires not only release dangerous pollutants, they are expensive to contain: “A 1995 fire at a Midlothian recycling facility near Dallas burned for 22 days, consuming millions of tires” while costing the EPA over a million dollars to put out. “A 1998 tire fire in Stamford, Texas, cost $380,000, and another that year in El Dorado, Arkansas, cost $260,000. A 1999 blaze in Corpus Christi cost $554,000. The Socorro, New Mexico, tire fire in 2000 cost $178,000.”

Many people realize how dangerous and ugly discarded tire dumps are, but few people seemed to have a systematic, profitable method of recycling old tires—until RubberForm Recycled Products was born.

This uniquely American company recycles tires, old conveyor belts, wire insulation, and even old computer parts into dozens of new products used in construction, home improvement, shipping, and landscaping. RubberForm can custom design and manufacture products upon request for specific needs, and is continually expanding their product line. The company’s commitment to recycling is such that they themselves refuse to put anything in a landfill.

See what can be made and remade in America: contact RubberForm Recycled Products to learn more.

100% Recycled Rubber and Plastic
Patented Design Ensures Our Products Last a Lifetime
Resistant to Extreme UV and Weather Conditions
Made in USA
Made In The USA from US Materials
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