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RubberForm durability
RubberForm Price

Rubber Wheel Stops

RubberForm’s Next Generation Rubber Wheel Stop is engineered to be the only wheel stop your parking lot will ever need and last your business for years to come.

Our Rubber Wheel Stops feature all new patented snap-on polygons that come standard with safety yellow endcaps for increased visibility and safety to ensure your company is protected from liability. Polygon stripes are offered in a variety of five stock or your custom colors and also customizable with printed company logos — a feature you will not find anywhere else.

  • 4″H x 6″W x 73″L
  • 23 lbs per wheel stop
  • 5 polygon colors available
    • Safety Yellow, Polar White, Handicap Blue, Eco-Green, Emergency Red, Custom
  • 4 Mounting Holes with optional rubber caps
  • 10 Drainage Channels
  • 8 Polygon Stripes & 2 Safety Yellow Endcaps
    • Replacement Polygons available upon request
  • Rubber Wheel Stops are made in the USA with 100% recycled materials – complies with ARRA 2009 and Buy America Acts

Product Description

RubberForm Recycled Rubber Parking Lot Wheel Stops, Parking Curbs, Parking Blocks and Car Stops help ensure vehicles stop at the proper location when parking – preventing damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and delicate landscape.

Our patented rubber wheel stop is created from 100% compounded recycled plastic and rubber composite, which means they will not warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode. Studies show that over a 10-year period, concrete wheel stops could cost six times more than recycled rubber wheel stops due to cracking and maintenance issues. This guarantees that RubberForm Wheel Stops will last your business for years to come.

Rubber Wheel Stops are ideal for retail/commercial/business parking lots, parking garages and municipalities, rubber wheel stops provide necessary order by delineating parking spots and ensuring proper distancing.



  • Parking lot wheel stop with Safety Yellow polygons & 2 Safety Yellow end caps.


  • Parking lot wheel stop with Polar White polygons & 2 Safety Yellow end caps.


  • Parking lot wheel stop with Handicap Blue polygons & 2 Safety Yellow end caps.


  • Parking lot wheel stop with Eco-Green polygons & 2 Safety Yellow end caps.


  • Parking lot wheel stop with Emergency Red polygons & 2 Safety Yellow end caps.


  • Parking lot wheel stop with Custom polygons & 2 Safety Yellow end caps.

Key Features

Rubber Wheel Stop Key Features

  • Easy one-person installation
  • Customize polygons – add your logo or brand colors
  • 10 drainage channels for a sustainable parking lot
  • Rubber Wheel Stops are made in the USA with 100% recycled materials
  • Impact and weather resistant – will not warp, chip, crack, crumble or corrode

100% Recycled Materials

Manufactured with only post-consumer or post-industrial materials.

UV Resistant - All Weather!

All-weather product - won’t crack, crumble or rust!

Made in the USA

Feel good about buying products manufactured in the US and from US materials.

BuildingGreen Listed

Achieve your sustainability goals with LEED points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors do your wheel stop polygons come in?

We offer polygons in safety yellow, polar white, handicap blue (for handicapped parking spots), emergency red (emergency vehicle parking spots), and eco-green (hybrid, electric and eco-friendly cars). Custom colors are available and require a minimum order. Every RubberForm Wheel Stop has 2 yellow end caps for added visibility and safety for patrons.

Can I mix and match the colors on the same order?

Yes, any combination of available colors can be ordered for the same price (except custom colors).

What is the minimum rubber wheel stop order?

We have no minimums; RubberForm is very flexible! We ship via common carrier (LTL), and for smaller quantities we can ship via UPS and FedEx Ground.

How do I moor/mount wheel stops and what kind of mounting hardware do I need?

Generally, we recommend 14” rebar for installation into asphalt, and our lag bolt hardware set (lag bolt, shield and washer) for concrete installation. If you have the time and tools to install, using the lag bolt hardware set is the best way to mount/moor the wheel stops at a similar cost to rebar spikes. We also have Eco-Bond adhesive for applications that don’t allow you to breach the surface for installation, such as reinforced concrete or parking decks.

How many lag bolts/rebar do I need to mount?

Every RubberForm wheel stop has 4 mounting and or mooring holes. We recommend using all 4 holes to mount for optimal installation.

Will your parking lot wheel stop warp in the heat or crack in the cold?

No, not if they are installed properly. Our wheel stops are made of recycled tire rubber and recycled plastics, just as your tires, they don’t warp or crack. Proper installation is needed so they adhere to the ground.

What are your polygons made of?

Our wheel stops feature patented snap-on polygons made from recycled plastic.

Does RubberForm offer a warranty on its wheel stop?

We offer a 5-year product warranty from manufacturer defects. Under normal use, the RubberForm wheel stop should last for years.

What happens if the colored polygon wears or breaks off?

With RubberForm’s 2019 U.S. patent, the polygon can be replaced in the field. Just snap off the broken polygon and snap in place a new one, a feature we worked 5 years on to perfect.

What is the turnaround time for your wheel stops?

Our parking lot wheel stops are generally a stock item that can be shipped the next business day from receipt of your order. Quantities over 1,000 may take additional time.

How many wheel stops fit on a pallet?

We can ship up to 56 on a heavy-duty pallet.

Are your wheel stops truly made in the U.S.A.?

RubberForm is one of the only true US manufacturers of recycled rubber and plastic composite wheel stops. They are made from domestically sourced materials, manufactured and assembled in the U.S. We believe that this is the only way to maintain our high standards of quality control.

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