RubberForm Invests In Our Planet for Earth Day 2023

Apr 21, 2023 | Go Green

Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Today, let’s take a moment to reflect on the impact we make on the environment and think about how we can make positive changes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Earth Day originated in 1970, marking 53 years of a movement that started in America when 20 million people rushed the streets and proclaimed to the government to defend our planet. Earth Day has now affected the entire world. This year at least a billion people will be striving to do their part to make the Earth a safer place for our future generations. While some might plant trees, bushes, or flowers; others might clean up their neighborhoods and conserve water. No matter how you participate, the importance behind the efforts of this environmental awareness is imperative to keep our planet healthy and sustainable.

RubberForm’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their business, from their production process to all materials they use. They make a wide range of products, including Parking Lot Safety Products, Industrial Safety Products, Construction Safety Products, and Public Sector Safety Products all made from 100% recycled materials.

But what sets RubberForm apart?

The key with RubberForm is that we are an American Eco-Industrial Manufacturer. Many may not exactly know what that means and how prevalent it is to Earth Day. So, we’ve added each special aspect of RubberForm’s business to highlight their Investment in the Earth for 2023. Not only this year, but many more to come and those that have already transpired.

RubberForm’s Power

RubberForm utilizes the electricity generated from Niagara Falls. With this clean source of power being generated by the Earth’s very own water, we’ve minimized our carbon footprint year-round. The New York Power Authority granted RubberForm low-cost hydro power specifically for the manufacturing of our eco-friendly recycled products.

Carbon Gas Reduction

When RubberForm originated, location was a huge decision in being mindful about the environment. Located in Lockport, New York, within the confines of Niagara County, our source of recycled tire rubber is only 8/10th of a mile away from our manufacturing plant. This allows us to reduce our Carbon Emissions and consumption of Fossil Fuels.

rubberform building

The Machines are Recycled!

We weren’t lying when we said every aspect of our business encapsulates sustainability. The recycled products are made from 7 molding presses that are also recycled. The oldest is a Dake from circa 1960, an incredible workhorse that is still used today. Utilizing older presses allows us to enhance our workforce capabilities for more quality-based product creation.

Dake Pic Earth Day

So, why is it important to support companies like RubberForm?

Well, buying products made from recycled materials helps to reduce our reliance on new resources. It helps to reduce waste, as products made from recycled materials are often more durable and longer lasting than those made from other non-recycled materials. Additionally, supporting environmentally conscious companies helps to encourage other businesses to follow suit and make sustainability a priority.

Our company is doing its part to help protect our planet. By using recycled materials and innovative production techniques, we can create high-quality, sustainable products that are better for the environment.

So, this Earth Day, let’s celebrate companies like RubberForm and make a commitment to supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future for everyone.