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What’s the Big Deal about ‘Buying American?’

July 2, 2020
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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” [George Bernard Shaw]

As the Fourth of July fast approaches, ‘Buy American’ seems to be a perfect topic for my first RubberForm blog.  Being from Detroit, it’s in my blood; I was brought up in the American automotive industry and ‘American Made, American Proud’ was—and is—a way of life. Today, working for RubberForm has only strengthened by resolve to urge people to purchase American-made products and support American manufacturing.

As you research products, stop to consider what’s important to you.  Look at the labels of the items you buy.

Are these products made in America?

Are they made by American companies?  If not, who and what are you supporting?

Are the products foreign imports?  (Now, it may be that the only products available in your area are foreign-made, so your options about what the purchase could be limited.)

Are the products made from recycled material? If so, where does the recycled material come from?  Hopefully from within the borders of the United States.

Contact the company to ask them the above questions.  As you explore a buying-only-American lifestyle, you will surely confront the price issue—after all foreign-made products often seem cheaper.  But in the long-term, will you actually save any money?

‘Buy American’ continues to be an important issue for many people frustrated by loss of jobs and the influx of poor quality products.  After reading many articles, a blog from led me to another article: “The Made-in-China Bay Bridge Continues to Cost California.”  That story looks at the decision to hire an untested company from China to build key parts of the suspension span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.  A June 9 article in the Sacramento Bee chronicled the faulty construction of the bridge’s suspension span.  There have been significant quality control lapses causing serious delays and huge cost over-runs.  Experts who supervised the construction told the Sacramento Bee that the $6.5 billion dollar bridge will likely require costly remedial maintenance.

Since coming to work for RubberForm, I see now more than ever, the importance of buying American-made products.  Not only is RubberForm a U.S. company, our products are also made from ‘home-grown’ recycled materials. We’re creating new, high-quality products out of potentially hazardous waste products such as scrap tire rubber and we’re also using the same sort of recycled plastics we see filling our blue bins every week.  By doing what we do, we put fellow Americans to work and we’re using recycled scrap from our country, not someone else’s—keeping these materials out of American landfills. Furthermore, RubberForm prides itself on innovative practices that follow strict manufacturing protocols. We support American manufacturing and American workers by providing a safe working environment and we conscientiously embrace our country’s labor laws.

Can you make a difference?  Absolutely!  Do your homework, ask questions, do your research, educate yourself and others around you.  Don’t let the sticker price be your only consideration.  With the proper research and educated choices, we can choose the best recycled material products for our homes and businesses.

Looking for a place to start? Try RubberForm’s Ask Mr. Crumb section.  Mr. Crumb offers a wealth of amazing knowledge on our proprietary American manufacturing process and how we utilize American recycled scrap tire rubber and plastic in all of our products.