Who Is Buying Recycled Rubber?

Jul 2, 2020 | Go Green

We offer a very unique product at RubberForm, which may have left you wondering, who orders these products? Rubberform products have a variety of uses and applications which makes them versatile and more cost-effective than concrete.

Here are just some examples of who orders RubberForm products for their industry.


Oversize load truck contractor

Many contractors rely on RubberForm products to help them on their job site. For construction sites, many of the people we serve have needs for our products during and after the job. Imagine all of the processes that go into building a new structure. You may need sign bases to divert traffic, curb ramps to put construction vehicles on site and pipe ramps to keep pipes and hoses undamaged. When work is done for the day, contractors choose trackout control mats to knock off debris

If a parking lot is being built, contractors can rely on our wide range of parking lot safety products like engineered rubber curbs.

Urban Planners

guy working on floor plans

Urban Planners are looking for green alternatives to traditional materials used throughout American cities. Urban planners, like contractors, will make decisions on what materials to use when conceptualizing new parks, parking lots or neighborhoods. Many planners try to keep a consistent look and feel throughout their city, and material selection is a big part of this consistency.

Urban planners who look to RubberForm for green material solutions for their city often seek us out for their parking lot products like parking lot wheel stops and speed bumps and humps for new parks and parking lots.‍

Commercial Purchasers

used weed whacker
‍Commercial purchasers are another group of people who we help everyday with their company’s safety and sign base needs. Companies in the hospitality sector benefit greatly from our selection of products. Some of our most popular items for the hospitality industry include our solid-surface table tops and our no-mow weeds circular disc.

Rubberform also excels in the development of industrial-use rubber products. Household chemical companies would benefit from our spill containment berms and for any company with too many cables on the floor, we offer portable electric cable support towers.

‍Who Else?

Hopefully you! Rubberform works with a variety of companies to provide green alternatives to otherwise concrete applications. We strive to deliver unrivaled quality products and a green alternative to make your company more environmentally friendly. If you have any questions about any of our products or would like to get an estimate for your project, don’t hesitate to call RubberForm President Bill Robbins at 716-478-0404 Ext. 302 or send us an email through our contact page.