Revolutionizing Speed Bumps

Dec 6, 2023 | Municipal, Parking Lot Safety

RubberForm’s MLSB Series Speed Bumps are the ultimate solution for slowing down vehicle speeds. Unlike any other speed bump on the market, our speed bumps can be used as both free-standing and permanent devices. The innovative design eliminates the need for spikes, lag bolts, or adhesives, making installation a breeze. Simply place them down and connect them together.

If you require a permanent or semi-permanent installation, we offer various hardware options that allow you to install our speed bumps on any surface – asphalt, concrete, dirt, or gravel. Each portable rubber speed bump features a dovetail design, providing unlimited custom connectivity. Choose the height that suits your needs, whether you want to slow traffic to a crawl at 3-5 mph or reduce speeds below 10 mph.

Every speed bump in our MLSB series is manufactured using solid, masticated recycled rubber, ensuring durability and longevity. These speed bumps can withstand extreme temperatures, constant exposure to U.V. light, harsh weather conditions, and heavy traffic volume.

Let’s take a closer look at each speed bump in our MLSB series:

1. MLSB 2.5″ Rubber Speed Bump: This speed bump is specifically designed to reduce traffic speeds below 10 mph. It is the perfect choice for various applications such as parking lots, guarded gate entrances or exits, construction sites, school drop-off or pick-up areas, and traffic stops. Whether you need a permanent or temporary traffic control device, the MLSB 2.5″ Rubber Speed Bump has got you covered.

2. MLSB 3″ Rubber Speed Bump: If you’re looking for an aggressive traffic calming solution, our 3″ Rubber Speed Bump is the answer. This product is designed to slow traffic to 3-5 mph, making it ideal for pedestrian vehicles. It has been successfully utilized by law enforcement agencies, including police and fire departments, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and Military Units for traffic check points. Whether you need a temporary or permanent aggressive traffic calming device, the MLSB 3″ Rubber Speed Bump is your go-to choice.

3. MLSB 4″ Rubber Speed Bump: Specifically designed for construction sites and trucks, our 4″ Rubber Speed Bump is not recommended for pedestrian or personal vehicle use. It is engineered to slow traffic to 3-5 mph, providing optimal safety and control. These speed bumps can be easily deployed and recovered whenever and wherever you need them.

In summary, RubberForm’s MLSB Series Speed Bumps are the ultimate solution for controlling and reducing vehicle speeds. With their unique design, easy installation, and durable construction, these speed bumps are perfect for various applications. Choose the height that suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of enhanced traffic control and safety.