Get to Know the Benefits of Hose Protectors

Hoses are crucial in transporting liquids from one location to another. However, hoses are prone to several problems. They can get kinks or holes, leading to malfunctions. This can be dangerous in specific applications. Hose protectors help prevent mishaps. This article will cover the comprehensive benefits of these products.

Fewer Abrasions

Hose protection products protect hoses from abrasions. According to Plant Engineering, nearly 60% of premature hose failures are due to an abrasion caused by improper routing. Hose protection products like hose ramps let you and your crew run a hose where you need it while ensuring it will remain protected from abrasion.

Preventing Damage

Hoses are prone to damage from several things. On construction sites, falling debris can cause punctures that result in leaks and decreased efficiency. Heavy equipment can quickly run over a hose or pipe and cause significant damage. Often, this is an accident. Hose protectors ensure that this damage doesn’t happen.

Increasing Resilience

Hoses are subject to several things that can make them wear down faster. Harsh UV rays can easily result in less structural integrity. Hoses constantly laying against hot asphalt for hours can weaken them. This can make the hose more prone to punctures and other mishaps.


Hoses carry various chemicals from one place to another. Small punctures result in these chemicals leaking into the environment. Large volumes of chemicals leaking into nearby ecosystems can harm the local environment and wildlife. The chemicals can contaminate the water supply if there is a large leak near the water.

Cost Effective

People in various industries stray away from protective equipment to avoid spending additional money. However, replacing a hose is significantly higher than the cost of protection. You’ll also have to factor in the price of downtime due to having to replace the hose. Companies may also have to pay for environmental damage caused by the leak.

Hose Kinking

Flexible rubber hoses are common thanks to their affordability. However, these hoses are prone to getting tangled and developing kinks. Employees must spend hours dealing with a complicated hose instead of working, which wastes money. Proper hose protection equipment helps keep hoses straight to prevent these kinks.

Hose protectors remain an excellent option for any industry that uses hoses. They can help increase resilience, prevent kinks, and are cost-effective. Contact Rubberform today to learn more about the products we offer.