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RubberForm durability
RubberForm Price

Sign Base Cart

RubberForm’s Sign Base Mover cart was designed for our sign bases and sign base weights. Simply slip the base cart under the Sign Base, tip it back, and easily roll sign bases from place to place.

  • Small Base Cart for RubberForm Sign Bases
  • Large Base Cart for RubberForm Sign Base & added Base Weight

Product Description

No need to add wheels to your sign base to make it portable – add RubberForm’s Sign Base Mover Cart to your order! Buy one Sign Base Mover to relocate sign bases to various locations. RubberForm developed a sign base cart that is easy to use, just slip under the RubberForm Sign Base and put your foot on the bottom of the cart to easily tip it back and roll. You can even move into a new position with just one arm! Roll your sign base into position with our Sign Base Mover Cart at crosswalks, high traffic locations, temporary locations, and more.



  • Sign Base Mover Cart with closet hanger hole – 6″ hard rubber wheels


  • Large Sign Base Mover Cart for added base weight, 2 wheeled aluminum hand truck with custom lift plate

Key Features

RubberForm Sign Base Mover Cart Key Features

  • Allows you to quickly & effortlessly move sign bases from place to place
  • Easily move sign base with added base weight together with our Large Sign Base Mover Cart

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