Environmental Constitution

Jul 2, 2020 | Go Green

At RubberForm we care about the environment on a large scale and continue to do our part to help in cleaning up America by using recycled tires and creating green products for everyday use. However things can not be done on a national level with out the help of local communities doing their part to pitch in. It takes many small steps to make a large change and recently a local coalition was formed near RubberForm’s headquarters called the Western New York Environmental Alliance (WNYEA). They put together the following to ensure that the WNYEA would be consistent in its activities toward developing and implementing a plan for action on the environment.

We, the people of Western New York, are resolved to work collaboratively to improve our environment and our regional, international community. We are a Great Lakes region and stewards of the world’s largest supply of fresh water, vast forests, rich agricultural land, abundant wildlife, an incredible built heritage, historic park systems, the magnificent Niagara Falls and hundreds of wonderful communities. Unfortunately, much of our natural heritage has been lost and what remains is threatened. And, like the rest of the world, we face the prospects of climate change. We therefore establish this agenda to protect and restore our globally significant environment.

We know that our environmental resources are immeasurable assets; they have direct impacts on our quality of life and our economy. Healthy ecosystems provide habitat for wildlife; they provide clean air, clean water and other ecological services such as stormwater control and carbon sequestration; and they provide recreational and business opportunities. The environment is a source of wealth for all of us.

Like our natural heritage, our environmental community is strong. We are the birthplace of the environmental justice movement, a product of both our legacy of contamination and our determination to seek action through justice. We are home to thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations aiming to improve our region.

Although our assets are plentiful and our voices numerous, our region and its people have suffered through the despoiling of our environment and the fragmentation of our collective efforts. Our dwindling population, declining health, vacant and contaminated land, and faltering economy are proof of this. Although some progress has been made, much more is needed. At this time, we make a commitment to collaboratively increase our region’s environmental literacy, preserve its biodiversity, and ensure that our energy is sustainable, our air is clean, our water drinkable, our fish edible, and our forests, farms, and gardens plentiful.

With Our Shared Agenda for Action, we have a vision for our future. Together, we are committed to strengthening the work of our environmental community through collaboration and implementation. This includes long term, overarching goals as well as specific measurable actions that can be accomplished soon. We are determined to leave those who follow us a sustainable, thriving community where they can live healthfully, work productively, learn, teach, grow old, and choose their own path. This is the aim of the Western New York Environmental Alliance– the purpose of Our Shared Agenda for Action.

If more communities took a proactive stance to the natural beauty that surrounds them and perseveration efforts to keep it looking that way we would be one step closer to correcting the environmental issues.