Five Benefits of Recycling Rubber

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Why should we be recycling rubber? We’re surrounded by rubber; whether you’re on the road, in a parking lot, or driving your car, rubber is all around you. 

Rubber is a versatile substance used for a wide range of applications, some of these applications we use regularly or see used on a daily basis.   

Whether you’re using rubber for a sign base or curbing system, it’s bound to find its way to your business, your construction site, and even your parking lot.

RubberForm is known for its use of recycled rubber and plastics. Using recycled materials is an innovative way to be a part of the green initiative, and RubberForm’s way of being part of the solution to the fossil fuel and waste crisis. 

Our products are made from 100% American recycled rubber.  You’ll find that some of our products are made with recycled scrap tire crumb rubber, such as our portable sign bases, a go-to when considering curbside pickup for your business. 

We’re here to talk about the benefits of using recycled rubber and why it is important for the environment, but you might be wondering: what exactly is recycled rubber? What is tire crumb rubber? We’re here to answer those questions for you:


Recycled Rubber

Recycled rubber is the rubber that has been reused from scrap materials, such as used tires. RubberForm sources these used tires from High Tread International Inc, a tire-shredding facility that is located in Lockport, NY.  

recycling reclaimed rubber

Crumb Rubber 

When reducing scrap tires or other rubber into uniform granules, you are inherently creating crumb rubber. This process includes removing contaminants such as dust, glass, rock, steel, or fiber.  

Why should I use recycled rubber products?


Resolves Landfill Issues:

We’ve said it before – rubber is a substance that is used regularly in many industries. Every day people rely on their rubber tires to get them to and from work. However, we know tires don’t last forever. So what happens to your old tires when you’re ready to buy new ones?

Sometimes, they end up in landfills, though this is not always the case (we’ll get to that part later). Landfills are overwhelmed due to the exuberant amounts of trash they receive, so by recycling and using recycled rubber products, you alleviate the problem by not adding to it. 


Innovative Creations:

Most of us who drive have probably driven over speed bumps or speed humps (yes, there is a difference). At RubberForm, these products are made with recycled rubber. Recycled rubber also allows us to make a plethora of other creations, like spill containment berms, curbing systems, trackout control mats, to name a few. 

Our quality rubber products are used by urban planners, construction workers, and also serve residential purposes. Whether it be to design safer parking lots or work areas, there is always a use for our products. 


Reduces Pollution:

Remember how we mentioned that tires sometimes end up in landfills? Due to tires being large, bulky, and taking up lots of space, landfills won’t always accept them. If tires aren’t being put in landfills, they have to go somewhere. Unfortunately, they sometimes end up in our oceans or rivers, destroying marine life. They are also illegally discarded in woods or roadsides, or other random places in nature. By dumping tires in various places, you are contributing to pollution. Recycling tires decreases your overall carbon footprint as well as greenhouse gases emissions. 


Boosts Your Local Economy:

This one may seem obvious, but it’s worthy of mentioning. Afterall, where would RubberForm be without recycled rubber products? It is our speciality and a material we take pride in using. To add, the rubber recycling industry is a hub for job creation. 

John Dunham and Associates conducted a study on the significance of the rubber recycling industry. The findings state that this industry “generates more than $1.6 billion annually in economic activity. This includes providing nearly 8,000 good paying jobs (direct and indirect) in all 50 states that generate more than $500 million in employee wages and $182 million in federal, state, and local tax revenues.” 


Relieves Environmental Pressure:

Fun fact about rubber: it comes from latex-producing plants. The history of natural rubber dates back to 1600 B.C. Today, we seek alternative sources for rubber, which is an extremely beneficial thing for the environment due to the complicated process of growing and harvesting these plants. The high demand for rubber is no competition for the natural but lengthy, laborious process. 

From playing your part with keeping our planet green, to providing thousands of jobs, recycled rubber is the most efficient path to take when you’re in need of rubber products. 

Have a question about any of the products we mentioned? Call us today to learn more about these products, or to learn more about our company.

How to Set Up Your Business for Curbside Pickup

how to setup curbside pickup sign base systems

Businesses all over the world were dealt a heavy blow to their sales in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, creating one hell of a challenging year for companies large and small. Businesses hit the hardest were those within the hospitality, food service, and retail industries that struggled to keep up with an ever-changing list of compliancy rules and regulations. As these businesses searched for methods to stay afloat, one avenue of operation could not be ignored—online ordering and curbside pickup.

Although the pandemic has brought Curbside Pickup into the mainstream, it is anything but a new concept. According to The Balance, online retailing is one of the fastest growing segments expected to reach $1.3 trillion over the next decade. If you are in the restaurant, retail, or grocery business you simply cannot overlook the value of Curbside Pickup. Those starting brick and mortar store pickup operations for the first time may wonder how to properly set their businesses up for Curbside services—and that is why RubberForm is here to help.


How to Set Up Your Business for Curbside Pickup

An efficient Curbside Pickup operation utilizes online ordering and strategically placed portable sign base systems to mark designated pickup areas around your property or in your parking lot. These curbside sign bases include a base, signpost, and respective signage. Below we will go over the steps that need to be taken to effectively set your business up for Curbside Pickup


1. Choose an Ordering System

Depending on the area where you live, there are a plethora of online ordering applications made for your consumers to use on mobile devices. For restaurant or grocery businesses, especially franchisees, you may choose to

curbside delivery

register your store in one of these pickup and delivery apps:

For Restaurants

For Grocery Stores

For retail stores, online ordering will typically be done directly through your e-commerce website. In this case it is imperative to ensure your website ordering process is mobile friendly and easy to use.


2. Create an Organized Pickup Procedure

curbside pickup lane

To ensure a smooth curbside pickup process, you will need a plan in place for staff and customers alike. Curbside service is a brand-new service feature for some businesses so employees will have to be trained on the new ordering and curbside pickup procedures. Put together a dedicated team for curbside pickup that will be responsible for managing orders, customer arrivals, and product delivery. The curbside team should constantly be in communication with each other from start to finish. The process will go something like this:

  • Order is placed online
  • Sales and customer service teams are notified and begins order process
  • Order is packed and ready for customer pickup
  • Customer arrives at Curbside Pickup area
  • Customer checks in with customer service sales team via a phone call or online app
  • Service team gathers package order and delivers to customer vehicle at parking spot with curbside sign base.




3. Establish a Dedicated Curbside Pickup Area

Creating a designated pickup area for pickup orders will be one of the most important decisions you will make for a productive curbside operation. Your location and property size will be the deciding factor on where to best guide customer traffic to the curbside pickup area. If you are fortunate enough to have a parking lot connected to your business, then you are at an advantage. Parking lots allow businesses to section off specific parking areas for curbside orders giving your pickup customers a clear area to go to while they wait for their orders to be brought out to their vehicle.

If your business happens to be located in a metropolitan area you may have a slightly more difficult time creating a designated pickup area. To help local businesses operate easier within new regulations, city officials across the country have recently started allowing businesses to extend operations onto sidewalks and even portions of the street in some areas. Owners are now able to do things like allow temporary parking in front of their building and put-up signage on sidewalks.

The most effective way to mark these pickup areas are with portable sign base systems, not a permanently mounted, in-ground bollard signpost. Sign bases that are portable are more flexible and can be used to display any type of general or curbside information you may need to convey to arriving customers.


curbside pickup are sign bases


4. Promote Your Services with Curbside Pickup Sign Bases

Once you are set up with your ordering system, service procedure, and pickup area you are ready for the final step—advertise and promote. Portable sign bases make an excellent choice for not only promoting your curbside services but also creating an effective environment to coordinate curbside pickup with safety, control and a great customer experience.

RubberForm’s Curbside Sign Bases provide easy visibility that allows your customers to see exactly where they need to go upon arrival at your location. We provide everything you need for curbside pickup services, starting with the sign base all the way up to the signage, and everything in between for a great customer experience. Custom recycled aluminum signs are designed with your specifications to display all the necessary details of your curbside procedure. With our ready-to-go logistics and shipping services, we are positioned to fulfill any requirements your company needs for your curbside operations.


curbside services sign base


Why Choose RubberForm?

We are the home of the Original Sign Base since 2005, so we know everything there is to know about Curbside Pickup programs. Years of experience, research, design, and development has yielded the most durable, sustainable, and attractive sign base product on the market.

RubberForm is proud to have provided our curbside products to some of the most well-respected names in the restaurant, retail, and grocery store businesses. We are the Gold Standard in Curbside Pickup and we “guarantee” you will not experience a better performing product than the ones made by RubberForm.


Learn more about our Curbside Pickup & To Go Sign Base Systems here.