RubberForm to Help 49ers Fans Find Way Into New Stadium

Jul 2, 2020 | News, Municipal

After more than 30 years of playing at Candlestick Park (1971 – 2013) the San Francisco 49ers will be moving into a new home for the 2014 season—Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. In order to make the transition smooth for fans and game-goers, RubberForm Recycled Products created portable signage systems to help visitors traveling to the new stadium.

Upon the stadium’s opening, Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (SCVTA) would need to help tens of thousands of people learn a new routine for going to the games. Portable, quickly deployed signage systems would be an important logistical aid. IBI Group, the global architectural/engineering firm handling the project for SCVTA sought a temporary sign-base solution that was competitively priced, durable and readily available. To tackle the job, they chose RubberForm.

“Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority knew they were going to have to move thousands of people quickly by train from the Bay area to the north, and from San Jose to the South to the games,” said Gary Andrishak, IBI Group Director. “They would have to do some way-finding to allow people to quickly and conveniently find which queuing lines they would have to stand in to get on the correct train.”

RubberForm had the portable, weighted sign base that IBI Group was seeking and worked quickly and efficiently to provide the necessary solution under a tight deadline. The sign base system needed to be economically priced, stylishly made, durable, long-lasting and readily available. Procurement began in the early part of June and a dress rehearsal event was planned for June 29, leaving RubberForm with no time to waste.

Andrishak worked with Warren Rempel, a senior urban designer for IBI Group to locate acceptable products. Together, they identified RubberForm as a good candidate to supply the two-piece, 150-pound portable sign bases and base weight. Rempel also worked with Bill Robbins, president and founder of RubberForm, to determine what would be needed to fill the order, including additional sign component parts. Pulling everything together in less than a month, the project was a complete success and the June 29 event took place with the RubberForm sign base sign and banner system in place.

IBI Group had never worked with RubberForm before but Andrishak said, “I’ll work with them again because I found them to be very responsive to issues and inquiries by the client.”

Robbins said, “We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our customers’ needs, but our job is certainly made easier when working with companies that possess the professionalism exhibited by the IBI Group.”

That the sign bases and base weights are made from recycled scrap tire rubber was an important consideration for Andrishak. He said, “One thing that I liked about the RubberForm portable sign post bases was that it had an ecological value to it as well. It was made out of recycled scrap tires and that sends a nice message about what we were trying to do.”

When presenting the RubberForm sign base prototype to the SCVTA for approval, TA officials recognized that the sign bases would likely be useful in other applications. Because they are easily deployed, and because the bases are rubber rather than steel, they offer less of a hazard to people and vehicles and will not rust. RubberForm sign bases at a venue like Levi’s Stadium also offers an exciting opportunity for the company. “If you do signage for an NFL football stadium, it gets noticed more quickly than if it’s used at a construction site,” noted Andrishak.

RubberForm looks forward to the benefits their sign base signage system will provide to 49ers fans and visitors to the new stadium. “Candlestick Park was an iconic sports venue and in time, and I’m sure Levi’s Stadium will be viewed the same way,” said Robbins. “It’s exciting to think that RubberForm will be there when the first kick-off takes place.”

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