A town in Colorado reached out to RubberForm because someone was killed in a parking garage due to a person driving too fast. The car slid on ice, running into, and killing a civilian.

The Problem

Due to the unfortunate death of a community member, the town knew it was in their best interest to move quickly to install Speed Bumps throughout the whole Town.

The Outcome

We were able to act quickly on this project and start to ship the product out immediately. Other competitors had a few months’ lead time, we were able to ship the first pallet of product in less than 3 weeks.


Town in Colorado

Products Used

Speed Bumps (RK)


Speed bumps throughout the whole town



RubberForm's Innovation

Because of RubberForm’s RK10 Speed Bump design, it is the easiest to install and maintain due to the 2-foot sections for center and end parts.

100% Recycled Rubber and Plastic
Patented Design Ensures Our Products Last a Lifetime
Resistant to Extreme UV and Weather Conditions
Made in USA
Made In The USA from US Materials
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