Do I Need HD Portable Electric Cable Support Towers?

May 23, 2024 | News

You may have seen cable support towers on job sites or at outdoor events. But do you actually need these freestanding structures for your own cable running needs? In this post, we’ll look at when HD portable electric cable support towers can come in handy.

Temporary Wiring for Events

Cable support towers are also great for running temporary power cables at special events like concerts, festivals, or trade shows. The portable towers allow you to safely route cables above large crowds. They provide easy access to electricity for vendors and displays. When the event is over, the freestanding towers make it simple to disconnect and store for future use.

Worksites and Extension Cords

On worksites, cable support towers keep extension cords organized and tangle-free. The overhead cable routing prevents damage from vehicles driving over cords laid on the ground. It also reduces tripping hazards for workers on foot. The flexible towers can be easily repositioned as the job site needs to change. Their durability and stability ensure safe power delivery in demanding work environments.

If you need to run temporary power cords for outdoor events or construction sites, cable support towers are a great option. The HD portable towers neatly organize cables and provide overhead protection. Made from rugged 100% recycled American rubber, they’re built to last. The rubber recycling industry generates more than $1.6 billion annually in economic activity, according to Rubberform, so the towers have environmental benefits too. Cable support towers let you access electricity safely wherever it’s needed. When you’re looking to purchase commercial safety products, including parking lot safety products, industrial products, construction products, and public sector products, reach out to Rubberform today to place an order. We look forward to working with you soon.