Keep it Green and Keep it in the USA

Jul 2, 2020 | Go Green

With the economic crisis still surrounding us, it’s a little unsettling to purchase an item that doesn’t read “Made In America“. As an American citizen, buying American should be a priority to help support the economy. Although it’s not always an option to buy “made in the USA”, striving to buy a product from my own country verses China, or any other foreign country, is a conscious preference.

Helping the environment is another top priority. What better way to help the environment than to go green and use recycled materials? Our children and grandchildren will be living on earth long after this generation is gone. Don’t we want them to have a safe, healthy environment in which to live? Of course we do. That is why is is important to, not only save the world they are growing up in by helping control the deterioration of our environment, but to also build a financial future for them and generations to come.

The cold, hard fact is that our landfills are running out of room for waste, and some states are running out of space for landfills. If we do not recycle we will end up surrounded by our own waste.

That’s what we at Rubberform are doing. We recycle rubber to save the environment and make new products. We are also pitching in to help the economy by offering all “made in America” products.

From road construction supplies to road safety supplies, and from industrial supplies to home improvement, all of our products are made from 100% recycled rubber.

Help clean up America first! Buy American-made recycled products.