Recycled Scrap Tire Rubber

Throughout history American Manufacturing companies have been known for their cutting edge ingenuity.  With today’s corporations and consumers demanding more and more sustainable products made from American recycled materials, manufacturers have answered the call with an array of recycled products.  Two of RubberForm’s® customers Wegmans and Staples are being Socially Responsible by deploying RubberForm’s® recycled products such as our sign bases, please click here to read what else Wegmans and Staples are doing to help our environment.  In the midst of all this worldwide competition and ingenious product development, RubberForm® Recycled Products stands out as an industry leader for products made of recycled materials.  We have a long list of high-value, niche products that cover a wide variety of applications like the ones below:

For parking lot and road safety, we have parking lot wheel stops to protect sidewalks, lawns and flowerbeds, sign bases for directional and traffic signage, traffic calming we have four different sizes and designs of speed bumps, speed humps and speed cushions, traffic signs made of recycled aluminum and shopping cart corral bumps.

In road construction we offer, 1.5” hose ramp, 2″and 4″ pipe and hose ramps for municipal waterline restoration and relining, end-of-day joints, milled road asphalt paving road ramps, engineered rubber curbing, curb ramps in various heights and manhole cover risers.

The industrial sector comes to us for many different products such as RubberForm’s® spill containment berm that is manufactured in various heights and lengths dependent on the liquid needing to be contained and amount , rooftop pavers, rooftop walkway mats, rooftop rubber support mounting brackets and frames for holding pipes on a roof safely, Treadsafe safety flooring mats, to portable electric cable support towers for holding electrical cables on a job site so you are OSHA compliant, industrial rubber wedges in various shapes and sizes, load testing weights, load bearing rubber pads and many more useful industrial products from RubberForm®.

RubberForm’s® home improvement section features, home garage wheel stops, rubber patio pavers in various colors, playground and garden mulch, umbrella and table rubber bases, and No Mow Weed rubber mat barriers.

RubberForm® even offer products for big rigs. Wheel chocks, laminated dock bumpers, and solid shipping dock bumpers.

The marine products range far, from coastal erosion control, dockside protection, and commercial shipping safety.  Our specialties include, marina dock matting and bumpers for boats and docks.

Whatever American Made recycled product(s) you choose, a parking lot wheel stop, speed bump, speed hump or traffic sign base, pipe and hose ramps, rubber spill berm, EZ-Road ramps, wheel chock be sure to Go Green and buy 100% recycled rubber safety products made in America.  RubberForm® an American recycled products manufacturer has what you need and RubberForm® can custom design and manufacture safety products to meet your needs.  For more information and a full list of our eco-friendly products made from recycled rubber and products, please contact RubberForm® at 716-478-0404 or via email at

100% Recycled Rubber and Plastic
Patented Design Ensures Our Products Last a Lifetime
Resistant to Extreme UV and Weather Conditions
Made in USA
Made In The USA from US Materials
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