trackout control mat

The Situation

Kiewit Corporation is a construction company based in Omaha, Nebraska. They worked on a project in Lyons, CO with the Colorado Department of Transportation. The project required (9) 12’ W x 34’ L Construction Exits and permanent repairs on the Colorado Highway 7 Lower Canyon.

The Problem

Kiewit Corporation needed reliable Trackout Control Mats to shake the mud, sediment, and dirt off of construction vehicle tires while also being user-friendly. They weren’t able to find a product that suited their needs and met their high standards of quality until RubberForm.

The Outcome

RubberForm provided the Trackout Control Mats in August of 2021. RubberForm Trackout Control Mats are easy to set up and they are portable. This is convenient for construction exits that need to be moved or repositioned frequently. By using our products, Kiewit Corporation saved time and ensured the safe removal of debris from heavy equipment leaving their job site.


Kiewit Corporation

Products Used

Trackout Control Mat


Highway Safety


Lyons, CO

RubberForm Innovation

The company has been using RubberForm Trackout Control Mats for various worksites since 2019. Knowing our mats are easy to install and maintain - and have saved them time on their past projects - Kiewit Corporation felt confident that RubberForm Track-Out Control Mats would be the perfect fit for the CO highway project.

Trackout control mats
100% Recycled Rubber and Plastic
Patented Design Ensures Our Products Last a Lifetime
Resistant to Extreme UV and Weather Conditions
Made in USA
Made In The USA from US Materials
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