Million American Jobs Project

Jul 2, 2020 | News

It’s uncanny that this week’s RubberForm Blog post was about The Importance of Buying Products Made in America.  I cannot tell you how important buying products made in America is, especially recycled products.  We Americans generate so much trash that can be reused for many useful products; RubberForm is doing something about this by inventing new processes and technologies to make useful products from our trash.

Alex Bogusky developed a video called the Million Jobs Project, he wrote:

Economics isn’t all that complicated. We can create a million new American jobs this year by simply looking for the Made In America label. If each of us takes a tiny fraction of the money we’re already spending and buys US-made goods, we’ll create a economic tidal wave. Watch the video, and then share it with at least two people. Boom, you just helped make a million new jobs.

I will be writing more about the importance of buying American and the effects of importing recycled goods has on our economy and communities.

Please send me your comments and suggests for products and ideas on getting this message out.

Please click on the this YouTube video and send off to your neighbor, we can make a difference.

Thank you,

Bill Robbins

President and Founder of RubberForm