RubberForm Rolls Out New Recycled Products!

Jul 2, 2020 | News

New York “eco-industrial” manufacturer recycling rubber and much more!

The goal is to make industrial manufacturing processes cleaner and more sustainable. It’s something RubberForm Recycled Products of Lockport, NY, has focused on since its inception in 2006.

As the company’s name suggests, it began with the creation of numerous parking and traffic safety products made from recycled rubber tires. Indeed, RubberForm sign bases, wheel stops and traffic calming devices (speed bumps/humps) quickly established the manufacturer as a leader in “green” production technology.

Now, RubberForm Recycled Products has expanded its line of products and the recycled materials from which they are made.

Inside the firm’s headquarters and manufacturing center at 75 Michigan Street are not only stockpiles of crumb rubber, but also crushed computer boards, electric wire coatings, and recycled glass…which are components of the many eco-friendly products now produced there. These are great examples of how the waste materials of one manufacturer are becoming the raw materials of another.

The great benefit of this “eco-industrial” manufacturing is that it holds the promise of keeping millions of tires, scrap computer parts, and other materials out of the nation’s landfills.

At RubberForm, these shredded recycled materials are being turned into durable and useful new products for many diverse industries, including parking lot and road safety, industrial, home improvement, marine, shipping, and industrial safety.

The product lineup consists of such things as wheel stops/curbs, sign bases, banner sign bases, traffic calming speed bumps, spill containment berms, roof walkways, industrial flooring and matting, rubber mulch, pile/hose ramps, patio pavers, rubber bricks, and many more items.

It’s been pointed out that in nature the waste output of one organism becomes the nutrient input of another organism, so that all of the earth’s nutrients are endlessly recycled. It’s a natural process that is emulated by RubberForm Recycled Products.

By Brian Kahle