Creative Thinking Leads to Solving Surveillance Problem

Jul 2, 2020 | Industrial

RubberForm’s Sign Bases have a New Alternative Function

The world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company has an above ground pipeline running through the terrain in northern Alberta Canada. Eric Hamelin, a wildlife biologist for the consulting company of AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, has the task of watching and monitoring the activity around the pipeline for wildlife and environmental purposes.

The Problem

“When we monitor wildlife movement, we normally mount the remote sensored cameras on trees. This pipeline has a clear right away with nothing to use for camera mounting”, explained Hamelin. In the past, a company would handle the situation by pounding steel posts three to four feet into the ground to install the surveillance equipment, but this particular time, that was not an option. “The oil and gas company received the job order late for the construction and had a tight deadline to meet”, continued Hamelin. “There was no time to do a ground disclosure”. Before any ground disturbance or digging could be done, the company was required to find out what was buried underground in the way of utility cables and any other notable items that could cause property damage or injury.  This had to be done before any kind of construction or ground movement could occur.

The Creative Solution

Something was needed that could sit or be placed on the ground, and above all it needed to be stable enough to handle the weight of the cameras. An excellent example of thinking outside the box solved the problem.  A site contractor working on the project noticed a rubber sign base while driving through a parking lot. The solution to the AMEC problem would soon add a unique function for the sign base to an already long list of uses; camera mounting base.

What are Sign Bases?

Portable signs are common in all kinds of environments. The bases for these moveable signs are durable and ideal for parking lots, parking garages, crosswalks, schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, plazas, universities, hospitals, airports, construction sites, government facilities and in many more areas.  They are used  anywhere portable or a semi-permanent signage is needed;  such as handicapped parking spots, entrances, pedestrian crosswalks, intersections, corporate facilities, and events. The base portion is the most important part of the sign product and are combined with recycled aluminum for different sign messages.

Working closely together with AMEC, the oil company  began to find out more about the base used in various sign holding functions. Could this base be stable enough to handle the camera equipment? The research lead them to Lockport, NY and to RubberForm Recycled Products, LLC.

Creative Ideas Need a Creative Source

RubberForm, a family owned business since 2005, is a world-class manufacturer and marketer of construction, traffic, industrial, safety and surface protection products made primarily from U.S. scrap tire rubber and recycled plastics.  As a company that takes a lot of pride in their creative offerings, they also have a full-service design and build facility. The design and build capabilities gives them the opportunities to offer solutions to many customers’ creative needs and endeavors. Many times when someone comes to them with an idea for a product, they can design and produce it. In this case, their stocked sign base filled the need perfectly. The popular sign base is portable, solid, and stable; and there was no need to alter any specifications in its production.  It is aerodynamic and heavy enough to stay upright, yet light enough to be tipped and rolled to another location. This was an added bonus to AMEC that wasn’t realized at first. The positions of the cameras could be easily adjusted and modified as needed.

In Conclusion

After contacting RubberForm’s customer service department, and testing the base for the camera mounting application, in no time the problem was solved. AMEC and the oil company were able to meet all necessary deadlines

Today, the base continues to do its job alongside the route of the pipeline and is a testimonial to the advantages of looking outside the box and creative thinking.