Trackout Control – Why Installing Our Mats is Easier

Nov 13, 2020 | Construction

When you are looking for the easiest, most comprehensive trackout control solution, there is no better option than RubberForm Trackout Control Mats. Our trackout control solutions are delightfully simple to install and use, making your life and the life of everyone on the construction site a little easier. In today’s blog at RubberForm, we discuss other common trackout control methods and their installations in comparison to our trackout mats. Keep reading to learn more or contact us today to start your customized trackout solutions.

Gravel Pits

Gravel pits are a collection of crushed rock and gravel that must be set to a specific height, width, and depth. A typical layout is 20 feet wide by a minimum of 50 feet long — most are 100 feet long with a 30-foot width with number 2 coarse aggregate and are at least 6 inches deep. The layout is what makes gravel pits so difficult to install and maintain as a trackout control solution. It takes a great deal of time and effort to get the specifications just right. And even after you’ve managed to get all the measurements correct, maintaining the proper specifications and keeping up with upkeep can be a huge (and expensive) pain.

Wash Pits

Wash pits use a highly effective pressurized water system to clean off any trackout from construction vehicles before they exit the site. However, as you can imagine, this is a very complicated, time-consuming, and costly process. Wash pits require their own drainage ditch and water treatment system along with the already complex set-up. Not to mention the fact that they also require someone to perform daily inspections to ensure the ongoing proper function and adherence to protocol.


The paving method of trackout control is where a temporary road is paved from the worksite to the public roadway. The idea is that all the loose trackout on the construction vehicles will fall off on the temporary paved road before the vehicle makes it to the public road. This method isn’t super common these days — and for good reason. Among being wasteful and ineffective, you must pave an entire road that won’t be a part of the final structure. This installation process isn’t overly complicated, but it is very unnecessary. Additionally, to maintain the paved road, it must be thoroughly cleaned and swept daily by the workers on-site, taking away valuable time and resources from other areas.

RubberForm’s Trackout Control Mats

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Man, I wish there was an easy-to-install solution that’s affordable and easy to maintain.” You’re in luck! That’s exactly what RubberForm Trackout Control Mats offer. They can almost be thought of like a reverse doormat for your construction site. Simply place them where your construction vehicles will be exiting, and as they drive over the mat, the trackout will be shaken and rocked loose from the vehicle. Easy as that. RubberForm Trackout Control Mats can be placed in a manner of minutes. No drainage ditch, daily sweeping, or maintaining elusive specifications. Just simple, effective trackout control.