What You Need to Know About Portable Electric Cable Support Towers

May 23, 2024 | News

When you need to safely elevate temporary power cables off the ground for a construction site, event, or other application, a portable cable support tower is a great option. Here are some key factors to consider if you’re looking into a regular portable support tower for your electrical wiring. Let’s dive in!

Safety Standards

Any temporary electric cable support structure needs to meet applicable OSHA and NEC safety standards. Look for towers that are ETL or ETL-US certified to handle the electrical load capacity you require. Appropriate grounding and bonding must be integrated into the design. Make sure the width, weight capacity, and maximum cable heights match the cable lengths you need to support. Don’t overload the tower beyond specs.

Simple Setup

A portable cable support tower features a collapsible design that allows quick, easy setup. The tower sections connect together securely using locking pins, enabling you to steadily raise the frame in five or 10-foot increments. Once positioned, the side arm extensions can be adjusted to the necessary width to safely distribute the electrical load.

Cabling Options

Look for tower designs that secure cabling along the entire run from the ground up to the tip. Integrated cable hooks, loops, or a ladder-type design allow consistent attachment points for the wiring. Verify the tower offers enough cable capacity for your needs. Some portable support towers also incorporate internal conduits or cable trays within the legs to neatly contain all the wiring. Towers with side-mounted arms can additionally accommodate exterior cable runs if required.

For temporary power wiring needs, a portable cable support tower checks all the boxes in terms of safety, durability, capacity, and ease of use on site. Just be sure to follow electrical codes and weight limits, and routinely inspect for any wear or damage over time. With proper maintenance, a portable tower will protect your vital cables job after job. According to GanttPRO, in 2021, 77% of construction projects experienced delays. If you’re looking to avoid delays and keep your job site safe, reach out to Rubberform for your industrial and construction safety equipment. We look forward to working with you.