Next Gen Speed Cushions: The Best Just Got Better

Sep 8, 2022 | Municipal, Parking Lot Safety

Are you looking for the best speed cushions on the market? RubberForm has the solution.

Residential traffic-calming initiatives are taking hold all over the country. As different solutions have been sought out and tried, from speed bumps to speed humps to full re-engineering of streets and curbs, speed cushions have emerged as a leading solution.

Speed Cushion 101: What are Speed Cushions?

best speed cushions in parking lot

Speed cushions are speed humps with wheel cutouts to allow large vehicles to pass unscathed while slowing down passenger cars. They can be offset to allow clear passage by emergency vehicles and are usually used on essential emergency routes.

RubberForm’s Solution vs Other Options

speed cushions

When compared to asphalt or concrete, our cushions outperform the competition with superior durability. In addition, they require no maintenance, road closures, heavy equipment, or large crews for installation.

RubberForm Speed Cushions are designed to be easily installed and maintenance-free. We carefully manufacture every product to ensure all pieces connect securely with our specially designed dual-flange connectors.

Our Latest Improvements to the Best Speed Cushion

speed cushion

Although our standard cushions were already effective, we raised the bar on our Next-Gen Speed Cushion.

Our Next-Gen Speed Cushion is injection molded with our patented Composite Material that combines recycled rubber and plastic that is proven to outlast the compression molded scrap tire rubber cushions that are available on the market today.

By using this new technology on our new cushion, RubberForm’s innovation team reduced its weight and made installation easier and more efficient.

In Summary

RubberForm Next-Gen Speed Cushions are:

  • Prepped with ready-to-go logistics
  • LEED certified with their green friendly properties
  • Made with 100% American recycled composite material
  • Easy to install, remove, and relocate
  • Modular design for custom widths or lengths
  • Versatile arrow configurations
  • Can be straddled by emergency vehicles

RubberForm’s Next-Gen Speed Cushion is incomparable to any other on the market. We created a product that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable for any road condition. We also provide other innovative products for all municipal projects.

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