Decrease Accidents with These Parking Lot Safety Products

May 1, 2024 | News

Parking lots can be dangerous places for both vehicles and pedestrians. Luckily, there are affordable products designed to improve safety in parking lot environments. Keep reading to learn about some parking lot safety essentials that can help decrease accidents.

Wheel Stops

Parking lot wheel stops are a must for protecting pedestrians. These curb-like blocks are installed at parking space fronts to prevent vehicles from rolling past designated spots. Parking lot wheel stops bring vehicles to a full stop once pulled into space, keeping them from encroaching on sidewalks or crossing into traffic lanes. Installing wheel stops reduces the risk of cars striking pedestrians or other vehicles while parking.

Speed Bumps

Speeding is one of the biggest parking lot dangers. Portable rubber speed bumps are an easy way to control speed and make drivers slow down. Placing speed bumps at lot entrances and exits prompts vehicles to reduce acceleration when entering and exiting. Bumps also work great in high-traffic areas with pedestrians. Speed bumps give drivers more time to see and react to pedestrians, lowering accident risk.

Shopping Cart Corral Bumps

If your business features shopping carts, you need to ensure there’s a safe place for these carts to go in the parking lot. A shopping cart corral bump will ensure the carts are secure within their designated area. This reduces the chance of carts flying out of their space and damaging cars or injuring pedestrians.


Installing clear signage is vital for directing traffic, announcing restrictions, and sharing lot rules. Stop signs assign right-of-way while speed limit signs set expectations. Handicap parking signs properly reserve spaces for those who need them. Custom signs can remind drivers to watch out for pedestrians. Visible signage eliminates confusion and keeps everything running smoothly.

According to the National Safety Council, 66% of drivers in the United States said they would make phone calls while driving through parking lots. Despite this, the right combination of these parking lot safety essentials creates an environment that minimizes risks for both pedestrians and drivers. Parking lot wheel stops and speed bumps control traffic, while signage enhances visibility and navigability day or night. Invest in quality parking lot safety products to decrease the chances of unfortunate accidents. If you’re looking for any of these products, reach out to Rubberform now and let us help you find the products that can most benefit your parking lot.