Why Use Rubber Wheel Stops over Concrete Parking Stops?

Jul 2, 2020 | Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Wheel Stops are installed in many parking lots large and small to help in ensuring vehicles come to a stop and prevent damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and delicate landscapes. While RubberForm calls them Wheel Stops Mr. Crumb has people call in asking for recycled wheel stops, car Stops, parking curbs, parking bumpers, parking block and everything in-between. In the past concrete was the go-to material for these parking curb products, but they are being replaced with more durable and environmental friendly materials like our Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops.

A benefit of Rubber Wheel Stops over concrete is in their transportation costs, concrete is heavy and tough to install. RubberForm’s Wheel Stops weight only 38 pounds, a small fraction of the weight of 200+ pounds that each concrete wheel stops weight.  This means lower transportation costs to your job site, lower installation costs and just one person can unload that delivery.

A Forklift, Bobcat, front loader are generally the recommended method to install a concrete wheel stop into position, requiring 2 or more people to move it into its final location causing for high installation costs. A RubberForm Wheel Stop can be unloaded, set into place, and installed by just one person, this recycled rubber wheel stop is just 38 pounds. If one of our Wheel Stops slips off of a pallet it will not chip, crack or break or potentially injure the person moving them, something that can and does happen with concrete.

All of RubberForm’s Wheel Stops are made from 100% post-consumer recycled scrap tire rubber, diverting 4 tires from being sent to a landfill for each Wheel Stop that RubberForm manufacturers. Concrete is not recyclable and more susceptible to damage and once damaged it needs to be removed and thrown out. RubberForm’s Wheel Stops are made with the used, scrap tires from your car! The Wheel Stops carry a product lifetime warranty – they won’t, breakdown, chip or crack if they get hit by a car and have molded in plastic colored polygons to offer additional visibility.

Visit our Rubber Wheel Stops page to learn more and see additional photos of our American Made Parking Lot Wheel Stops in action. RubberForm manufacturers and stock polygon colors in safety Yellow, White, Handicap Blue, Eco-Green, Emergency Red but we also offer custom colors to match your brand or corporate color upon request.