RubberForm Promotes Green Movement with Sign Bases from Recycled Tires

Jul 2, 2020 | News

Lockport – RubberForm Recycled Products announces they recycled a record number of scrap tires.

The company is committed to helping their national customers “go green” by providing high quality recycled rubber products.

Rubberform Recycled Products LLC, a world-class manufacturer of innovative recycled rubber and plastic products, is pleased to announce that they have experienced a rise in the demand for one of their most innovative products, the RubberForm Sign Base, which enhances safety and minimizes liability/damage in vehicle/pedestrian incidents.

RubberForm’s Sign Base is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled scrap tire rubber. They are an excellent choice for Green or LEED certified building projects. RubberForm’s attractive and durable sign base is ideal for parking lots, parking garages, crosswalks, schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals, universities and many more high-traffic locations. It is the perfect solution for areas where semi-permanent and portable signage is needed, such as handicapped parking spots, entrances, pedestrian crosswalks, corporate events, valet parking, special events and more.

The RubberForm sign base is a product that falls right in line with the going green movement, as Rubberform Recycled Products has recycled over 550,000 pounds of scrap tires in 12 months to manufacture their sign bases. Sign bases are one of the products that have established Rubberform as a nationwide leader in “green” production technology.

Rubberform Recycled Products LLC uses 100 percent Post-Consumer Recycled scrap tire rubber to manufacture numerous parking and traffic safety products, including sign bases, parking lot wheel stops, speed bumps/speed humps, roof pavers, spill containment berms and many more industrial products. For complete information about RubberForm’s sign base and all of RubberForm’s American-made recycled rubber products, visit the company’s website at

About RubberForm Reycled Products

RubberForm Recycled Products is a world-class manufacturer of innovative green products made from recycled scrap-tire rubber and recycled plastic. GreenSpec listed for LEED green building certification. EPA Environmentally Preferred Products. RubberForm manufactures products for parking lot and road safety, road construction, industrial applications, home improvement, vehicular & shipping safety and commercial marine applications. RubberForm products are sourced from U.S.