5 Benefits of Having Portable Speed Bumps in Your Parking Lot

May 1, 2024 | News

Are cars zooming through your parking lot faster than they should? Portable speed bumps are a great solution for slowing down traffic and keeping pedestrians safe. Check out these benefits of using portable speed bumps in your parking lot.

1. Reduce Speeding

The main job of portable speed bumps is right in their name – they reduce speeding. By placing these rubber bumps at key locations in your parking lot, you can easily get vehicles to slow down to safer speeds. The bumps create a physical queue for drivers to ease off the gas pedal.

2. Improve Safety

Slower driving speeds translate to improved safety for everyone using your parking lot. With portable speed bumps, vehicles have more time to see and react to people walking through the area. This prevents unfortunate accidents between cars and pedestrians. According to an NSC analysis of government data, parking lots and garage structures are where tens of thousands of accidents happen every year, leading to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. Speed bumps also make it safer for drivers to pull in and out of parking spots.

3. Easy to Install and Move

Unlike permanent speed bumps, portable ones don’t require construction or altering the pavement. You can quickly set them in place without heavy equipment. Portable bumps are also convenient because you can easily move them to redirect traffic patterns as needed. No more being stuck with permanent speed bumps in inconvenient spots.

4. Cost Effective

Installing permanent speed bumps costs a chunk of money between construction and materials. Portable bumps offer savings since you can pick them up for much less. Plus, they last for years with proper maintenance, giving you more bang for your buck. Avoid expensive asphalt damage and choose portable bumps.

5. Better Traffic Control

In addition to speed reduction, portable bumps keep traffic under better control throughout your parking lot. Cars, pedestrians, and cyclists all stay in their intended lanes, instead of cutting haphazardly across the lot. This organized flow improves safety and navigability for everyone trying to get where they need to go.

Portable speed bumps are a must-have for keeping parking lots secure. Position them smartly to control speeding hot spots, protect pedestrians, and optimize traffic flow. Drivers and visitors will thank you for the safer lot. If you’re ready to get portable speed bumps for your parking lot, reach out to Rubberform today to get started.